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Caught some mates wanking and want to get invovled

Submitted by Dan in Colchester

Two months ago I walked in on a couple of my mates wanking off over porn. As far as I know they’re both straight and they only wank together but it got me thinking about it a lot. I never wanked with any of my mates before but after seeing them watching porn and rubbing one out I really got thinking about it. I found this blog and started looking into it and it looks like a lot of guys do it.

I get hard thinking about it and it fucks me off that I kind of panicked and left them to it when I could have got my cock out and joined in.

They didn’t have a problem with me catching them and just carried on wanking.

I know one of them has a pretty big cock, I’ve seen him in the showers at the gym before. I have a good 7.5 inches. I don’t know about the mate he was wanking with but it looked like he had a good sized cock too.

I don’t know what to do really. I get pretty turned on thinking about what it would be like to watch porn and wank with them. I think about what it would be like to see their cocks cumming.

So yeah, that’s it really. Thanks for the site it’s interesting and opened up my eyes a bit.

Hi Dan, thanks for sending in your experience.

I say the same things a lot in these responses so sorry if you’ve read this kind of thing on one of the other posts already.

A lot of guys wank together. Most guys lose out on this experience as they get older, get married and lose touch with their male friends etc, but there are a lot of guys out there who do manage to keep their wanking buddies for decades too without it having any impact on their relationships. So, you’re definitely not alone as a straight guy being into wanking with mates, there are plenty of guys just like you out there.

If you want to experience this for yourself with a mate or two I would suggest you focus on the mate who isn’t shy about showing off his cock. If you’ve seen him naked then you’re already part of the way there and you’re comfortable enough around each other.

You just need to create the right opportunity, it seems as though your mate is probably willing and wouldn’t have a problem wanking with you just as he did with your other mate. A lot of guys create the right situation with some beer and porn, then just let things happen. Most guys like your mate would probably have their cock out within minutes of you hitting play on some good porn.

Maybe invite him over for some beers, leave a porn DVD out and see what he says about it. Or suggest watching a movie and leave a hardcore DVD on the menu in the player before he gets there, then just turn to the channel before you get a regular DVD to put on and see what he says or does. Chances are he’ll want to watch the porn.

Or, and this is radical, you could just ask him if he wants to wank off to some porn. A lot of guys who are very close friends can get away with this, especially if you’re that comfortable with each other.

Remember, two mates wanking together doesn’t mean anything when it comes to sexuality. Being turned on by being on show, or seeing a cock being stroked, is not strange or unusual, it’s just something that isn’t really talked about between heterosexual guys. You don’t need to redefine your entire life and sexual persuasion to accommodate this one little facet of your sexual interests.

Good luck, I hope you’ll update us if anything changes!



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