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Caught wanking in the car on a Sunday afternoon

Submitted by WankFan

Sundays were Jack’s day. It was the only time he had a few hours to himself without the responsibilities of family life. He’d only started going to the gym to give himself an excuse for that freedom, but he’d soon found himself extending that alone time to include a wank in the car before heading home. Like most guys, the gym always made him horny and although he could endure not satisfying his cock in the showers after his weight session he needed to bust that load out as soon as he could.

He had a couple of places where he knew that he wouldn’t be seen, remote locations where he could park up on the way home and get to work on his dick, usually enjoying a hurried stroke, shooting off a load into some tissues before heading back home.

This weekend would be different. His usual spot was far too busy to be safe for him. The first hint of summer had brought everyone out for a Sunday afternoon and his usual spot in a remote car park at the edge of town was packed with dog walkers and lovers on picnics.

He headed to his less scenic location at the back of an industrial estate. No one was around there on a Sunday afternoon, except the occasional security car driving around. He knew he could park up there for twenty minutes and stroke.

His cock was soon in his grip, wet with precum, his foreskin slick with juice as he shucked his trackies down to his knees and started massaging his length. He leaned back in his seat and imagined the girl behind the reception desk at the gym, her big tits bouncing in her tight top as she slides up and down his cock, her pussy tight around his throbbing tool.

His fantasy was cut short when a tap at the window jolted him back to reality. His heart jumped up into his throat as a sudden sense of panic took over and his eyes met the nervous gaze of another man peering through the window, with the slight hint of a smirk on his face.

Jack hit the button and the window came down. Jack was a big guy, he could take on most if he needed to, but this lad looked tough, almost as big as he was.

“What ya doing mate?” the guy said, still smirking.

Jack knew that in a tight spot like this honesty was probably the best policy. His heart was still pounding in his chest but the slight smile on the lad’s face gave him the impression that he might understand. “Ah, you know, just horny and looking for a spot to knock one out before I gotta get back home to the missus, you know what it’s like”

The younger guy was looking around, his hand groping his own cock in his trackies. Jack noticed it.

“Yeah, well you’re outside my unit and I’ve got a customer pulling up in an hour so you better be done with that dick by then, alright mate?”

Jack looked over his shoulder and saw the garage unit open, a big bold sign above exclaiming “Ryan’s Bodyshop”. He had no idea why he hadn’t noticed.

“No worries Ryan, I’ll just go and endure the missus. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’s in the mood for it?” Jack chuckled, his cock still out in his lap, now softening.

“That’s cool mate, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Ryan tugged his trackies down and his cock sprang out, 6 inches of stiff dick pointing right at Jack through the open window, “I know what it’s like. I have a good wank at work most days when no one else is in”.

Jack was surprised, speechless for a moment. He looked away from the cock staring at him less than a foot away, the tip red and glistening in the summer sun, pink folds of foreskin slipping back to reveal more, Ryan’s heavy balls swinging beneath.

“Ah, I guess I’ll…” Jack murmured, reaching to pull his trackies back up and get moving.

“Mate, it’s cool, you can finish up. I might join you.” Ryan opened the car door and Jack felt another rush of panic, but his cock was getting hard again.

Before he had the chance to complain Ryan reached into the car, grabbing Jack’s cock and stroking it. “Every dude needs a good wank when he can get it, right?” Ryan said, crouching down beside the car, his hand around Jack’s shaft.

He couldn’t believe what was happening, but his dick definitely liked it. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a hand job. It must have been years since his wife had stroked him off, but the feel of Ryan’s hand on his dick was definitely working. Within moments his cock was harder than it had been for months. They thick vein along the top of his shaft was throbbing, precum beading at the tip, each new slick release being smeared over his swollen cock head as Ryan used it to stroke him.

“Nothing like a good wank with a buddy, huh?” Ryan said, still looking around nervously from time to time, his own stiff cock in his hand as he rubbed Jack with increasing speed.

Jack just mumbled, still shocked that he was letting another guy wank his cock for him. He couldn’t deny it felt fucking amazing, his balls were already pulling up tight and every time Ryan’s hand brushed the tip of his erection he felt the pleasure grow to boiling point before subsiding just a little, only to come back more intensely a moment later.

It must have been only a few minutes of stroking before Jack felt his cum load right on the edge, he reached for his tissues and exclaimed that he was about to bust his wad when Ryan leg go of his cock, stood up and wanked his own dick, shots of hot white cum erupting out of his shaft and splashing down over the floor. Jack hurriedly grabbed his own engorged meat, continuing his stroking while he watched Ryan’s load pumping out of his shaft right in front of him, thick streaks of cock cream launching out in spurt after spurt.

His climax shot through him at high speed and Jack was soon spewing juice too, his dick convulsing in his fist as a massive jet of semen splashed from his dick, missing the tissues entirely and splatting over the steering wheel. His eyes were transfixed on the sight of Ryan’s cock leaking the last of his load, his semen dripping from the wet head, his heavy balls now up against the base of his solid cock.

Jack pumped shot after shot of cream from his dick, the pleasure rushing through him in wave after wave. His hand was sticky and slick with warm juice, the tissues soaked with cream, warm milky mess dripping from his fingers down over his trackies.

Jizz hung from the steering wheel between Jack’s legs while he watched Ryan squeezing the last drops of cum from the hooded tip of his dick, his skin sliding forward over the tip as his dick started to soften.

With his spent cock sticky and damp in his lap Jack leaned back and breathed deeply for a couple of seconds as Ryan packed his own cock away back in his trackies.

Ryan leaned down to poke his head back in “See ya next week mate? Make it about 3 though, yeah?”

As Jack drove away with a smile on his face, he knew he would be back the following Sunday.

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3 thoughts on “Caught wanking in the car on a Sunday afternoon

  • May 12, 2018 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks WankFan. Always enjoy reading your stories. BuddyBate is a great site!

  • November 3, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    JOBud that was an amazing post. As I read it my cock started to raise its head and stiffen up. I imagined being there and watching the two of you wanking your hard cocks. I hope that there were many Sundays after this first time. Having finished your story I am so hard I need to have a good long edging session and fantasise about you and Ryan enjoying yourselves maybe in his unit so you have privacy to really get down to business.
    Enjoy your cock, Michael

  • January 9, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    I just read your post on break at work and like Michael, my dick is hard as a rock. The surprise at getting caught and even bigger surprise at getting a hand job from a mate.

    If I don’t stop thinking about it, I am going to get a huge wet spot on my pants.

    Happy jerking – SEAguy


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