Chilled Out Straight Jock Bator Harvey Robinson Rubs And Spurts!
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Chilled Out Straight Jock Bator Harvey Robinson Rubs And Spurts!

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Video title: Young Straight Muscular Stud Wanks his Huge Hard Cock on the Rooftop & Cums Hard!

Source: EnglishLads

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You might not know this about me, but I work out. Or at least I pretend to. My main reason for going to the gym is to cruise for other bators, or just enjoy the masculine environment of the locker room and showers.

I’m guessing some of you are the same. I know we have a lot of readers who find plenty of their bator bros at the gym. I’ve met a few guys who love to show off and see other guys enjoying their cock after a workout. We all know the gym is a good bator hangout.

I think the smaller independent gyms are usually better for wank encounters but I know some of you have found guys with BuddyBate pins and stickers on show at some of the bigger chains.

While I don’t know where you’d find this straight jock bator working out I think you’d probably find him letting that uncut cock swing and throb freely if you encountered him in the locker room or showers.

Harvey Robinson is a real gym-going show-off. He knows he looks good and he’s not in the slightest bit shy. Is he a full-on bator bud looking to wank with other lads? I don’t know, but I get the feeling if you caught him at the right time and he was boned up he would go along with a good rub and tug.

Maybe he’s one of those lads who wouldn’t turn down the chance to stroke out a spurt or two with a buddy if they had some good porn to watch?

The 21 year old has a 7″ intact dick to play with for this video.

Ready and willing

During the opening interview and with some muscle flexing he’s soon groping his swelling dick in his boxer shorts. It seems he’s arrived with a load ready to go and he’s apparently eager to get rubbing.

Hi bator lifestyle is pretty mild. There are no stories of mates catching him giving it a tug but we can imagine it happening.

We get a little workout before his cock is freed, but once it’s out of the fly in his boxers he’s swelling and rubbing it.

It’s a good long wank for this straight jock bator. With some oil to keep his meat slick and glistening he lays back and pumps his prick. A little standing wank to show off his body, then it’s time for the home stretch.

Seeing a man like him climax is great, especially when you can tell it’s an intense finish. We don’t know how long he’s needed to splash but I think he’s constantly horny.

Guys like him usually wank every day, right?

We’re happy to join him for this one.

Squirting it

His muscles bulge and his toes curl as the hot white cum leaps from his helmet to splash out over his abs.

He’s definitely enjoyed himself, and he teases that there might be more.

I know I say it a lot with their guys but I would not be surprised if he returns for a hand job and dares to frot cocks with another lad for the first time.

He’s definitely got that kind of cheeky bator attitude and I think he’d discover a lot about himself if he was teamed up with another one of their straight bators.

You should click here and see this straight jock bator pleasing his meat. Make sure you leave a comment there hoping to see him back for some dick-on-dick stroking! I know a lot of the models read the comments about them.

Run time: 27:14

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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