City Adventures – Executive Suck Club – Part Four

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City Adventures – Executive Suck Club – Part Four, has arrived at Patreon!

Our second story in the City Adventures collection takes us down to the basement in the old office building where our protagonist discovers a secret club, with glory holes lining the wall and anonymous cocks waiting to be stroked and sucked. After servicing another man for the first time and unloading with the anonymous arrival he’s caught by his friend and boss, a frequent visitor to the club.

This story is the first to come from the suggestions of Patrons in the Participant tier, with their comments from the very first Story Prompt image driving the narrative.

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City Adventures – Executive Suck Club – Part Four

My appreciation of hard, wet, throbbing cock had never been so intense.

I was all-in by the time he grunted long and low, his hand pausing on my thick erection, gripping it tight for a moment before opening his hand under my meat and launching his first volley of semen, almost intending to catch as much as he could to bathe me in it. For the second time my dick was being showered in the white hot load of another man and the immediate pulsating pleasure of that visual combined with the arrival of hot liquid dousing me triggered my second release of the evening.

My cock reared up in a flash, the head bulging out. Derron’s dick spat another long and thick stream of semen to splash up against my cheap faux leather belt and the bottom of my shirt, his goo pouring over the root of my shaft where short pubes emerged from the dark gap of my zipper. The sound of his guttural moan filled my ears as my own cum launched from my yawning hole, the swollen red little lips either side of the opening coated with his semen as mine pumped freely to rain over his veined snake.

Our foreheads touched, my sweatiness becoming apparent to me for the first time. We stared down, our hot breaths mixing with every exhalation as we gazed at the sight between us, our cocks in mutual spasm, a climactic union as ropes of thick white and cloudy goo splashed from each of us.

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