City Adventures – Measuring Up – Part 2

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Adam was nervous and embarrassed while his long cock was bobbing and twitching hard in front of him, but Luka is soon putting him at ease as he playfully suggests they measure his erection.

Excerpt from City Adventures – Measuring Up – Part 2

He reached out, his warm hand cupping the underside of my cock and holding it like you might grip a hot dog in a bun. The second his hand made contact with my length I felt another rush of pleasure wash through me and my dick thickened and throbbed even more.

He placed the cold metal tip of the fabric tape against the top of my shaft, nestling it under the carefully trimmed hairs and holding it in place with his left thumb, trailing it over the length of my penis toward him and covering the snaking light blue vein weaving from my body toward the tip.

He eased his hand up against the underside of my heavy scrotum, slipping along the shaft so that my foreskin slid all the way back around the swollen ridge of my cock head, the folds of skin bunching up around the corona, my glans bright and damp as he revealed it fully.

I felt a little tingle of pleasure as the cool waxy cloth of the tape draped over my end and he gripped my dick more snugly in his hand, making it swell a little more. “Twenty one centimeters” he announced “just over eight inches!” he looked up at me, my face flushed and hot as my cock managed to get a little harder again.


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3 years ago

Loving this story. So fucking hot.

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