City Adventures – Transference – Part 6

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Part 6 of City Adventures – Transference was originally released via the BuddyBate Patreon. Our exclusive fiction is now being released via the Book Of Bate, with each volume containing TEN original stories. Please click here for more information.

Scott works up the courage to go to the party at the motel after sending a few texts to Max’s friend. Although he wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, he’s surprised to arrive and find a motel room filled with men.

Excerpt from City Adventures – Transference – Part 6

“So” Carl said, positioning himself in the middle of the room and gaining the attention of all the guys various posted on the edges of the beds and at the back by the bathroom “who wants to get the party started?”

There was total silence for barely a heartbeat before the slim and tall young man Scott had entered with stood from where he’d been talking to another guest. “Happy to!” the guy announced, immediately reaching down to lower his sweat pants to his ankles, an incredibly long and pale pink cock swinging out as he straightened up again, the head swollen red and fat at the end of the slender shaft.

Scott stared as another moment of near silence passed, mere murmurs and chuckles weaving through the gathered attendees, and one of the other men sitting on the edge of the bed closest to him stood and began working the metal buckle of his thick leather belt. The man beside him leaned back on the tightly laid sheets, kicking his sneakers from his socked feet and wrestling with the buttons at the top of his jeans.

In moments everyone but him was in a state of undress. A man in a neat pale blue shirt quickly unbuttoned it to reveal a smooth and muscular torso, his pants unzipped and unbuckled to show tight briefs quickly slipped down, his six inch uncircumcised erection pointing straight up from loose and hanging balls. Scott’s eyes flicked from one guest to another. On the second bed a muscular black man quickly slipped the tank top over his head and stood, sliding his own sweat pants down to show off a second large cock, the meaty shape already bulging and heavy, the dark flesh swinging wildly as he turned to place his clothes down on the mattress. The young man who’d triggered this mass undressing slipped his t-shirt over his head to display his slim form, stepping out of the sweat pants puddled around his feet, his long penis swinging in the air in front of him with every movement he made.


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