A classic straight guy circle jerk with 5 hard dicks and messy cum loads

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I’ve been back on the Next Door World site this week, checking out some of the classic action and when I watched this straight guy circle jerk I knew you guys would appreciate it too.

It’s one of those sites that strayed from their original plan a little. They used to do a lot of group wanks and mutual masturbation/sucking scenes but they became a lot more hardcore in recent years. I don’t know why a site does that, they clearly became the success they were because they had plenty of straight guys jerking and sucking each other for the first time on video. Instead they became exactly like every other site out there.

Still, even with that complaint there’s a lot of great action back in the archives, scenes like this one with five horny straight guys watching porn and getting their dicks out together for a big messy wank off.

Denny, Fox, Tommy, Trent and Phoenix are the guys pleasuring their meat together, checking out all the cocks around them and enjoying the porn, stroking themselves off to a big jizz splashing finish as one after the other they fire their semen from their helmets into a glass on the table 🙂

There’s a lot to love about this video, from all the cocks being stroked to the sound of all those wet hands sliding up and down on their meat. One of the best things happens at the end though, after all the guys pump their cum into a single glass and make such a hot and wet mess Fox grabs the glass and pours their fresh jizz into his mouth!

Remember guys, there’s more great wanking content over there and you get access to all their other sites when you sign up too, and you’re helping to keep BuddyBate going in the process.

click to joinclassic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 1 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 2 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 3 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 4 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 5 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 6 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 7 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 8 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 9 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 10 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 11 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 12 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 13 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 14 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 15 classic-straight-guy-circle-jerk-5-hard-dicks-messy-cum-loads 16click to join


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7 years ago

This is my idea of a fucking great party!

6 years ago

I had one wank with three of my mates last year and I want to do it again. Seeing all their cocks cumming made me explode a massive mess all over myself.

5 years ago

Only had one jerk off session with a couple of friends when i was in college but i wish there were more opportunities. This video looks good i think i need to watch it.

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