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Submitted by OutdoorsFan

Last year I read a post from another guy who had an experience at a nude beach and I meant to send mine then but it took longer than I thought. Sorry for the delay but here’s mine.

Every other summer my family would go to Santa Barbara to stay with friends. They have a house near the beach in Hope Ranch. Me and my brother knew there was a clothing optional beach and I think he went there a few times to see what was happening but I never went with him.

I think my parents friends went there a lot. I remember them talking about it and making jokes but I didn’t put this all together until years later. I don’t think my parents are swingers but their friends probably are or were. They’re all of the 60s and 70s “free love” generation and have very liberal attitudes to things. They have black and white photos all over the house of protests they went to and bands they hung out with.

When I was in college and still single they would ask me about girlfriends and make a point of saying boyfriends too, just to make sure I knew they were cool with it if I was into guys. I think they would have loved it if I was gay lol

I eventually went with my parents again for a week when I left college. I brought my girlfriend with me for the trip. I wasn’t expecting to go to the beach but I guess I got curious about it so when my mom and girlfriend went to have lunch together and my dad and his friend decided to go golfing I had a few hours to myself and decided to go exploring.

I thought I knew where it was but it took longer to get there than I thought and I got lost a couple times. I thought I’d found it but then there wasn’t any nudity so I kept walking down the beach and then after I walked around where the cliff had fallen down a bit I found the first naked guys.

They were probably in their 50s. Just two guys laying on the sand totally naked and having a conversation. I kept walking and there was another couple of guys, then another group. I quickly worked out that it was entirely men.

I don’t know if I expected women to be there too. I don’t really know what I expected to be honest.

I didn’t even think about whether I was going to take my shorts off or anything but I guess I got used to it after a while. It wasn’t real busy but I probably saw twenty guys while I was walking along to the other end of the beach. only one of them was wearing shorts. It eventually got quiet so I stopped and found a place to sit and I just decided to take my shorts off and see what it felt like.

It was nice. I’ve never been real shy and I had a good body back then so it wasn’t a big dilemma for me. I just sat my bare ass down and enjoyed the sun for a while.

Then I saw another guy walking up from the way I came and he had a red towel around his waist. He was a real muscle guy and not like most of the other men I’d seen there. He was probably in his 20s or early 30s and he looked out of place compared to all the other guys. I liked that all kinds of men were there but he was definitely the most attractive man I’d seen.

He stopped about ten feet away from me and undid his towel to put it down. He had a big dick and it was half hard and swinging around. All the other guys I’d seen up until then had just been naked. Various cocks of all shapes and sizes but none of them obviously aroused. This guy was different.

He looked over at me and I looked away because I didn’t want to get caught watching. I had my shades on so I could face out to the water but I could turn just a little and see what was going on.

The guy sat down kind of facing my way but looking out to the water.

I really only went there out of curiosity to see what it was like but this guy got me thinking about a lot of other things when I saw him jerking it.

He wasn’t obvious about it to start with and there wasn’t anyone else around it was just me and him so I guess he thought it was okay. I watched him handling his cock and it got thicker and longer while he stroked it. He looked over at me a few times and I leaned back on my elbows and my cock flopped up and started getting hard.

I just kind of went with it and before I really knew what was happening we were both jerking off and watching each other.

Until then I never jerked it with anyone. I’ve read most of the experiences from other guys with buddies who were into that kind of thing but I never had that kind of friendship with anyone. I probably would have been down for that if I had but until this beach visit it wasn’t even on my mind. I’d seen dicks hard a few times like most other guys have, just guys in the shower trying to hide their boner and that kind of thing, but never like this guy.

I remember thinking it was pretty hot seeing another guy just jerking it like that and it was a turn-on knowing he was watching me stroking mine.

It only lasted about fifteen minutes but we saw each other finish. He went first and splashed his cum over his thigh and made a big mess and then I shot mine over the sand leaning toward him so he could see it shooting out. I cum a lot so I was kind of proud that I shot off more than he did.

It was a real freeing experience. After we both finished I got up and walked past him carrying my shorts with my cock still hard and swinging around and he said “nice show buddy” and I just nodded and smiled and carried on walking.

I really wanted to go back again at the same time the next day. I’m pretty sure he probably did and he might have been waiting to see if I turned up. I didn’t get the chance to go back again that year but I’ve been back three times since then. I’ve never seen that guy again but I had my first mutual jack off with another man I met there the year after.

I’ll try and send that experience too if you want to read it. Don’t know when it will be. Took me a year to get this one written so don’t hold your breath I guess lol

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2 years ago

Thanks, great experience!

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