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College Wrestling Led To This – Part 1

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EDITORS NOTE: As this experience submission is quite long we have split it into two parts. You can find the link to part two at the bottom of this post.

Submitted by Gripper

I’ve just finished reading the Singlet Spooge story in Book of Bate Vol. 3 and I knew BuddyBate readers would appreciate my experience. I’ve been planning to send it since I found BuddyBate last year but things kept getting in the way. Reading that awesome story has inspired me.

I was a wrestler in college in the 80s.

I read experiences from other guys and some good fiction about it and a lot of it matches what I experienced.

Maybe I was just lucky and maybe other guy’s college experience wasn’t the same, but it’s true there was a whole lot of jacking off. Not everyone did it but most. I don’t know if it’s like that now but back then a lot of guys didn’t care about being seen and I guess it was kind of expected. We had open showers, so maybe the cubicles these days have changed all that.

Maybe it was just necessity. Sometimes it was to stop inconvenient boners in singlets but guys just got used to catching each other with their cock in their fist and it was just one of those things. We were all around that age when you’re boned up 24/7 so guys just got used to the routine of jacking it in the showers. There were jokes and slurs but I know almost everyone did it.

Everyone had roommates so finding privacy was a problem, at least for those of us who didn’t have deals with our roommates to stay out or those who didn’t care about jacking it in front of friends. I know a lot of guys had that experience in college but my roommate was a real prude so it wasn’t an option for me. I was always jacking off in the shower or being real sneaky about it in bed.

At least in the showers everyone was butt naked and you could kind of excuse it. At least that’s what I figure.

Sorry to destroy anyone’s fantasies but there were never any circle jerks, none that I was aware of anyway. I know stuff like that probably happened but in those days it would have been associated with the “nerdy” guys and not us and no one would ever talk about things like that or admit to it. No one was jacking anyone else’s cock as far as I knew. There was no frotting and no swordfights. Maybe there was some comparing sometimes, comments about other guy’s dicks. But mostly guys would just use the opportunity to rub their own and fire off a round.

There was only one time when I went into the showers and saw three of my buddies all batin’ at the same time but most of the time it was just guys trying to discreetly fire off without anyone saying anything.

Back then I never really thought about enjoying dicks or sharing masturbation with other guys. None of this was a thing. You were either straight or (to put it bluntly) a “f*g”. None of us had any clue there was anything between or that guys could just enjoy masturbation without sucking and fucking. It was an all-in scenario in our minds.

That insult was thrown a lot. If you looked at another cock too much you were a f*g. If you were the only one jacking it in there and coach caught you then you were a f*g. If you showed any offense at other guys jacking off you were a f*g. If you complained about stepping in someone else’s cum in the showers you were also a f*g lol

Enjoying penises wasn’t something I was consciously aware of but remembering those days it’s obvious now. I can remember what most of those guy’s cocks looked like and sometimes I wonder if any of them remember those things. I know who had the thickest dick, who was the longest or the smallest, who jacked off the most, who had foreskin, and out of the jackers who could shoot the most nut. I remember Travis with the low swinging nuts and Jeremiah with the cock that curved up like a banana.

Leigh had the biggest penis of all the guys. It must have been 6 inches soft. I only saw him hard a few times but it never got fully stiff. It would just swell up and swing out in front of him into a huge pipe with a fat head. I never saw him shoot a load but I did see him rubbing it.

Jasper was the one who could really shoot. He had a thick cock around 7 inches. He would get rock hard so his cock pointed up almost slapping against his body. His balls would pull up beside his dick. He was always jacking it in the showers. He would try to hide it but everyone could see. Sometimes there would be insults but it didn’t last long, he would just laugh or say something back and get on with his rubbing. Whenever there were a few guys in there dicks would be either stiff or semi so most guys wouldn’t say anything about it in case their cock was pointed at.

Jasper would be facing the wall and trying to slowly make his cock shoot but eventually he would be properly rubbing it and making his load gush out and splash all over the wall. You can’t really hide it when you’re ready to nut and need to really jack it to the end. I would try to see him finish because I knew he would really shoot it up and out and make a big mess.

It sounds stupid but I didn’t even recognize that I was hard while I was watching him. It’s like my brain built a wall up between enjoying what I was seeing and my own masturbation. I didn’t connect the two at all.

As for me and my masturbation habits, I would try to time it so I was there on my own and I could really stroke it good. It didn’t work out like that all the time. If I wanted a good long bate someone would always come in before I was done and then I would be more discreet about it, depending on who it was. If it was my buddy Toby I knew I could just finish up and he wouldn’t care. He never mentioned it when he saw me jacking off. I never saw him hard, not even semi. I wonder if maybe he was asexual or just had absolutely no sexual interest.

Anyone other than Toby and I would be discreet about it and do what Jasper did, just facing the wall and thinking about my girlfriend while I shot off.

After college I just did everything you’re supposed to do. I got on with life. I got a good job, got married, started a family and settled down.

Twenty years later I was divorced and living in Boise ID and I met my first bate buddy. That’s when I started wrestling again.


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1 year ago

Thanks for posting my experience. I knew it was long so sorry about that lol

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