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College Wrestling Led To This – Part 2

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EDITORS NOTE: As this experience submission was quite long we split it into two parts. Part one can be found by clicking here.

Submitted by Gripper

My brother came to visit in Boise, he had a couple friends to catch up with and that’s how I met Carlton. We were all hanging out at a local bar and my brother talked about me wrestling in college and how good I was. Carlton was the same. We had a lot in common.

After my brother went back home I started hanging out with Carlton. We played pool every week. I got to know his wife. We became real good buddies after just a couple months.

His experiences were almost exactly the same as mine. We started comparing notes about the guys we knew and it was almost like we could have been on the same team at the same time. Some of the guys he knew sounded exactly like the guys I knew.

We even talked about cocks. He had a buddy who had a 9 inch dick like my buddy Leigh. He knew who out of his friends could shoot the most nut. Who was always beating off and who was the biggest show-off.

It was awesome being able to swap stories like that.

It wasn’t like we were boned up about it but we were just buddies having a few beers and joking about all the guys back then, and about how we were. It wasn’t the only thing we talked about, it was just a part of reminiscing about our college days.

I joked that I was a pussy about it and used to hide my boners in the showers, apart from when one buddy was around, and Carlton admitted he didn’t give a crap back then. He said most of this buddies had caught him jacking off and they used to swap magazines.

Another couple months passed and we didn’t talk about it much. Then I was at his place to help him clean out the garage and we found two big plastic containers with loads of stuff from his college days and we started looking through one of them. He had photos of the team and started showing me who was who, the guy with the big cock and the one who liked to show off.

There were other stories mixed in with all that. Stories about parties and pranks on the sorority girls, the girlfriends we had, all that kind of stuff. But talking about the guys we knew and discussing their dicks was one of the best parts about it. I never had a buddy who could talk about stuff like that.

At the bottom of the box were a couple of singlets and he joked about seeing if it would still fit.

He told me was gonna put it on and go and surprise his wife. I thought he meant later when I left but he just started getting undressed right there. I carried on looking through the box at his trophies and books and stuff and when I looked back he was naked.

We’d been friends for a while but I never saw his cock before then. He had a thick one and big balls. He was really in shape too. I knew his singlet would probably still fit him and when he stepped in and pulled it up he was looking almost exactly like he did in his college photos, maybe with a little extra weight, and hairier, but not much different.

He reached in and adjusted himself and ran out of the garage to go and surprise his wife.

I heard her laughing from upstairs and thought I should just head on home cos they were probably gonna get down to it but after a few minutes he came back down with a big smile on his face. I said I heard her laughing and he said no, she really liked it, like REALLY liked it, and then pointed to his swollen cock in the front. He was totally hard!

I could see a little precum patch on the material where the shape of his dick head was. His cock wasn’t long but it was definitely thick and the material was so tight I could even see the shape of his tip.

He said it was a bit tight but the other one was looser. Then he said I should try the other one on and we could both go upstairs and surprise his wife. I don’t think it was a sexual thing. He wasn’t trying to get me into a threeway. I think he just thought it would be funny.

I panicked and said no of course. I wasn’t even sure I wanted him to see me like that! But at the same time I didn’t want to look like a pussy in front of him. I guess when we were swapping stories I felt stupid for being so shy back then when he was totally different and more confident. I told him I would try it on but I wasn’t gonna let his wife see me like that.

So I started getting undressed. I think my cock was getting a bit hard but not really stiff. I don’t even know if he noticed. I was only naked for a few seconds and then I slid up the singlet and adjusted myself and he looked me up and down and laughed saying I looked stupid.

I was taller than him and it was too small and digging into my crotch and shoulders but that made my cock and balls look even bigger and being kind of swollen it left nothing to the imagination. Carlton was still hard in his and he didn’t care.

We laughed about it for a few minutes but then he joked about calling his wife down to ask her who looked hotter so I quickly took it off and my cock was harder this time. I know he saw it. My dick was pointing at him while I pulled my boxers and jeans up and he said that I was still shy like in college.

That was it for that visit. We hung out for a couple more hours and I went home. Then a few weeks passed and he told me he found something else in the other box from college and I should come over and check it out.

I went over one night and we went back into the garage and he pulled out the other box and showed me a stack of 12 porn magazines from his college days. He didn’t know he still had them and he wanted to keep them a secret from his wife so he asked me if I would take them. I thought it was stupid but I knew she really wouldn’t allow that in her house. The whole point of cleaning out the garage was so she could use it for her home business so she was going to find those magazines eventually if I didn’t take them.

And what guy is going to say no to 12 free porn magazines? Not me!

He made me promise I wouldn’t spooge on the pages but when I started looking through them that night (and jacking off) two of the magazines had pages stuck together anyway. For some reason I thought that was hot. Most guys might think that’s gross but the thought of him unloading on those pages just made me nut. I don’t think I have a cum fetish but I can’t explain it. I imagined him in college masturbating over that page and splashing it all over and it just got me there lol

Another week passed and he invited himself over to my place. He really wanted to look through the magazines. I didn’t think we would end up jacking off but I guess I should have. All of this bator life stuff was still completely out of my wheelhouse so I didn’t even think that was a thing we would end up doing.

We looked through a couple of them and he asked me if I had any Albolene.

Of course I did. It was right next to my chair under the cabinet. I was sitting in my usual jack off spot. I didn’t argue about it I just got the lube and threw it over to him. He stood up and dropped his pants and his boner popped up.

I probably waited another few minutes. I just played with my cock in my sweats and looked over to Carlton now and again to see him slowly stroking it. He was only about 5 feet away so I had a good view and he wasn’t hiding anything.

It was real relaxing. He wasn’t paying attention to me so I let my cock out and got busy.

After a few more minutes everything was easy. He leaned over and showed me a gorgeous girl he used to jack off to every day in college. I didn’t even think about him seeing my cock.

Then he threw the Albolene back to me and I lubed up.

That’s how my first jack off with Carlton was. We were going at it for an hour, just stroking our dicks and looking at the magazines, swapping them, talking about girls and some of the hottest sex we ever had.

I was the first to finish. I tried to hold it back but my cock was so hard and wet and there was a great page with a really hot girl being fucked by two big cocks and that was it for me. I squirted right up my t-shirt. I think Carlton saw me because a few seconds later he was done. I didn’t think about it at the time but now I know guys usually cum together when they’re jacking it. I didn’t see him finish but he had splashes and a big puddle of cum on his belly.

I threw the box of Kleenex over to him.

Fast forward a few months and our jack off nights were a regular thing. He would come over to my place once a week and we would spend the evening having a few beers and either looking at magazines or watching a movie and just stroking our cocks. We got more used to it. I think it only felt a little strange the first two times but not really weird. We were just guys doing what guys do.

When you’ve seen a buddy bust his load out a couple times you really don’t have many barriers left and it was so chilled out it became awesome and something to really look forward to.

So now you’re probably wondering where the wrestling comes back into play.

After a few months of our regular jacking we had one night where Carlton picked a movie with female wrestlers. It wasn’t the first time. He liked girl-on-girl porn and gang bangs mostly. I think we’d watched 2 other movies with wrestling. We were maybe 10 minutes into it and Carlton went to get a couple more beers from the kitchen and when he came back and walked behind me he reached down with my beer in his hand and got me in a headlock. He was just screwing around but I reached up and grabbed him and tried to fake pull him over the couch. I just pretended at first thinking he would let go but I guess I’m stronger than I thought or I caught him off-balance and he fell forward and landed upside down on the couch next to me.

We didn’t even care that our dicks were out, it started a wrestling match and we were on the floor trying to pin each other. I’d shoved my sweats down to my ankles and he’d taken his shorts off so we were both naked from the waist down but it didn’t matter. I think we kind of reverted back to our college days and we were both trying moves.

Neither of us had wrestled since college so we were both out of shape but at least we were evenly matched. It didn’t last long. We just rolled around a few times and I know there was a lot of cock contact. There was lube and beer everywhere. At one point he got me in a weak Guillotine pin and I could feel his cock against me. I managed to get out of that and when I almost got him in a figure 4 headscissor he submitted. He really didn’t want my balls in his face lol

We’ve done a little more wrestling since then. It’s not always naked but sometimes we just get into it and spend some time trying to pin each other. I guess when we’re naked that’s kind of frotting, right? I don’t think we’re down to just put our dicks together and jerk together like that but now and again we kind of just roughhouse on the floor. It usually starts with talking about some of our moves back in the day and acting stuff out.

Maybe it’s just an excuse to make contact? I don’t know if he thinks about it like that, I don’t think he does. It’s just fun. Guys being guys. I think it’s more about the competition than anything else.

We’re still buddies. We’re still sharing porn and jacking off regularly. It’s awesome.

We don’t jerk each other, I don’t think that’s something we’re down to try but we just love kicking back with some good pussy to watch and our cocks in our hands stroking up some big loads. If it leads to some wrestling too we’re cool about it. I think when you’ve wrestled naked with a buddy and your dicks are just swinging and slapping and rubbing around you just go with it and you get used to it. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

I know BuddyBate isn’t something he would be into but I love reading all the stories and experiences of other guys. I’m not so into the mutual side of it but maybe I’ll try it one day and see what it’s like. I just enjoy having a good buddy on the same track as me.

I hope you guys enjoyed my experience. Sorry it’s so long. I guess I could write a whole book lol

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you enjoyed this reader experience you might enjoy the story Singlet Spooge in Book of Bate Vol. 3.

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Jake Lane
1 year ago

Great story! Thanks for sharing! Wouldn’t it be great if all our close buds were cool with jerking too?

1 year ago

Hot experience thanks for sharing! Always like seeing wrestling vids and this got me thinking about trying it some day 🙂

1 year ago

That was hot. Thanks for sharing

1 year ago

What a friggin hot story (both part 1 and part 2}. The stories coupled with My imagination has me rock hard and stroking my hot, hard, throbbing cock

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