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Comparing and Stroking for the First Time with a Gym Stranger

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Submitted by Str8B8r

I’m a long time reader, first time contributor here. I’ve jerked off with buddies before, the first time unplanned with a buddy from college, and later in life as a planned event, like with a buddy with similar porn interests that I meet online.

I’ve read stories about buddies meeting up randomly and having a wank at the gym, or in public places, and privately had my doubts. That is, I had doubts until what just happened to me earlier this morning.

To set the scene, I’m your average young, professional, not-ripped-but-working-on-it gym goer in one of the western ‘burbs of the Minneapolis Metro area. I’m not wanting to out myself entirely by description alone, but I’m also low-key hoping the buddy who I saw after my early morning workout today might also be a reader here, in which case, I hope he drops contact info in the comments.

Editors note: BuddyBate stickers on shower gel or water bottles used at the gym are a good way to let other potential bators know you’re open to shared strokes. Click here for the map.

I went and did my regular workout this morning, nothing special about it. Ear buds in, podcast on, and sweat it out. Nothing to it.

The interesting thing happened after the workout.

I went into the locker room, and stripped down. I got my towel on, and just sat myself in the steam room, like any other day. I had my flipflops on, and sat in mostly meditative silence in the humid heat that relaxed my muscles so very nicely after a hard workout.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness. In the room with me were a fully clothed bear of a man in his 40s to my left, as well as his towel-wearing friend who was keeping alive a terrible small talk convo that his friend was clearly not having, but too polite to end.

The deafening rush of steam started, and their conversation died down. The steam heat drove them out, and they both left. Beautiful silence at last.

Two dudes out the door, myself and two left.

Relaxing fully and my eyes adjusted to the darkness and the steam, I finally begin to fully take in my bearings. To my right were two men close to me in age, one blonde dude of average build, and another dude brown-skinned and handsome, covered in some dark body hair. The steam is thick, and has fogged the glass door over. None of us are within a direct eye line of the door. Just the three of us in our private, silent oasis.

Every now and then, either me, the blondie, or the brown-skinned dude would roll their head back, or forward, or occasionally stare off into space, enjoying the steam heat. Occasional eye contact was made, but nothing remarkable. Just an average day after a workout.

The brown-skin dude seemed to be making side-eye eye contact with me with some noticeable frequency. He scratched his crotch. Pointedly? Was I imagining something that wasn’t there? Thinking back to the stories I’ve read here before, I wondered if this might be the start of something, a secret signal, and I tried to innocently play along.

Making sure the blondie’s attention was not on us, his eyes closed, or his head down, I waited a little bit, and made a nonchalant adjustment of my own chubby cock through my towel. The brown-skinned dude was looking straight forward, not facing towards me, but I could tell that even through the steam that he took notice.

The blondie, all the while, was coming down off of his endorphin rush from his workout. The brown-skinned dude and I would occasionally continue adjusting our cock in plain view, just somewhat frequently enough to pass under the radar of casual notice, but he and I were possibly noticing each other. Still couldn’t be sure. I got bold. I adjusted my now chubby cock enough that it bounced against the inside of my towel-skirt, showing off my package. My new intrigued friend took some notice, and scratched himself again. The blondie in the room still none the wiser.

The blondie cleared his throat. He stood up, opened the door, and walked out. As the slow-moving door finally closed with a pressurized “whumph,” the brown-skinned dude and I immediately locked eyes, looking directly at each other. We knew.

He parted his towel. His cock came out. My heart racing, I followed suit. We were now openly stroking our hard cocks in front of each other in the steam room. “Holy shit,” I thought to myself, “this isn’t just a myth.” I checked out his piece through the steam. He had a nicely sized prick, uncut like me but with some erect overhang with an upwards curve. I was showing off my thick uncut cock to him through the part of my towel and through the steam, and we jerked ourselves off slowly and sized each other up, just sitting next to each other.

I took a chance. On most days I’m a white-passing guy, but I figured I couldn’t be far off with my question. It was simple. “¿Sos latino?”

He was caught off guard. “What?”

I repeated. “¿Sos latino?”

“Sí,” he responded.

Epic. If we wanted to have a better chance of speaking to each other out loud in a way that most of the other people around us couldn’t follow, we had a chance of making something work out if we wanted to maybe take this adventure somewhere less public.

Then the door opened, and another young working dude in his 20’s walked in wearing a towel and we covered quickly. The fun was over for now.

My new friend went to the shower, and I followed shortly behind him after some time passed, so as to not raise suspicion.

I took a shower stall across from him, and we showed off jerking off a bit for each other under the shower heads from between the cracks of our curtains. Eye contact was made. We were both showing off, but I didn’t see a good endgame in all of this.

I didn’t see myself making a mess in the shower, so I contained myself, and dried myself. I quickly thought of a plan to maybe make something work outside of the gym, and jerk off with this guy in private. I don’t know if he finished in the shower or not. I took a bit of time drying and dressing, wondering if I could casually catch him on my way out.

I could ask him in Spanish if he had eaten breakfast yet today. Ask it sounding like a friend, in the language that we shared. It was an innocent enough question, but I figured he could figure out what I was really doing, and giving him a pretense to arrange meeting up or chatting with me after what we did together in secret.

He later rushed by without stopping, but did have some passing eye contact with me. His power walk suggested to me that he had definitely finished what he started in the shower, and was either power walking out of a bit of shame, or perhaps some anguish that I didn’t make a show of jizzing for him in my own shower across from him.

In either case, I didn’t get a chance to catch up with him, and he was gone.

I go to the gym at approximately the same time every day. I may try to catch up with him some other day, one more time, if he’s interested. With any luck, maybe he’s a reader here? If it works out, I’ll try to write in again, and let my fellow buddybators know how it goes. In any case, it’s time to order a button for my gym bag.

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1 year ago

Hey Str8B8r, what you described is quite common at the large chain clubs in the Minneapolis metro area. The steam room is often a place to have a bate and if the club is not too busy, cum will be flying! I have had great bate sessions in the steam with more than one at a time. Once, there was 7 of us stroking. Helping hands are also common. Hope you get a chance to meet up with him again.

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