Comparing dicks while taking a piss

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Submitted by Freddie

I didn’t know I’d had these experiences to share until I started so thanks for that.

This is my third post. The first one I admitted that I’m a show off and like flashing my mates my cock (I think I’ve decided that I must be an exhibitionist) and then I shared an experience of seeing a hung guy in the changing rooms at yoga classes.

I probably should have gone with this one first because it’s more interesting. I’d really just forgotten about this because it happened so long ago.

I think I was 20, maybe 21, and I went for a piss in the shopping center. I was on my way back from work so it was pretty late. I walked in and got my cock out and a few seconds later another lad came in and stood right next to me.

Maybe I’m just naive but I never thought he was “cruising” or anything like that. He probably was, looking back on it now.

Being a regular guy who can’t help but look I was checking out his cock a bit, just giving it a bit of side eye and seeing what he was dealing with. He was hard as a rock. I knew he’d started pissing when he came in but he must have got hard in record time. I started to wonder if it was because he was looking at my cock and that started to get me hard.

I was just a stupid lad back then and took one more look at his hard one and put my cock away and walked out.

Like I said in my first post I never wanked with anyone, not even a good mate, so I don’t know what the deal is or how guys get that kind of thing started but after reading a few of the other posts here I think it was probably an opportunity to wank one out with a lad.

Not sure I would have done it. Still not sure I would now if the same thing happened. All your other readers have much more interesting experiences than I have but I thought it was worth sharing. Maybe it says something about me.

Hey Freddie!

Thanks for the post. As I mentioned at the end of your last submission I think most guys are like you. It doesn’t really matter if you’re gay, straight, bi or curious, I think most guys check out other cocks when they get the chance even if they don’t know why they are. He might have been doing that the same way you were.

I’ve met a couple of bators who are more exhibitionist than mutual bators. Although they like wanking other cocks they’re more into it because they like seeing someone enjoying their show. They would both quite happily kick back and stroke their cock for another guy without swapping dicks or doing anything else because it’s all about the thrill of seeing another cock being worked and having someone else watch them enjoying theirs.

I’m glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the posts. While we’ve got a lot of readers who are avid mutual bators and love meeting up with other guys we probably have more who have never done anything with a buddy before and are just a bit curious about things.

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4 years ago

I had a few experiences like this. I wasn’t curious about it when I was in college but guys used to check out the dicks around them at the urinals. Happened a few times after that at bars and clubs too but I never did anything about it. Wish I had.

4 years ago

Some are just curious, and others are definitely cruising, he was cruising for sure.

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