Comparing With A Hung Friend

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Submitted by AlexK

Can’t believe I only just found out about BuddyBate! I’m celebrating this by sending in my experience of my first time comparing with a hung friend.

So a little bit about me… I’m 45, started wanking with mates when I was 19. I’m definitely bi these days but I’m still mostly about wanking with guys. I’ve done some sucking but for me it’s mostly about hand jobs and frotting cocks.

So when I started I was completely clueless about it all. I just knew I liked checking out a mate’s cock. We played football like most lads and he had the biggest dick. Guys would make jokes about it in the showers. He was always half hard.

I was pretty relaxed about wanking with mates. I had a few experiences with friends just wanking over porn but nothing major. It was the usual thing of passing magazines around and maybe a couple of us would have a quick wank and shoot off. There wasn’t any showing off or anything so I don’t really count it lol

With this hung friend it was different.

I don’t remember exactly how it all happened but I think we were probably hanging out and looking at magazines and doing the usual thing of planning to have a sneaky wank. But this time there was showing off.

I think I said something about his cock being so thick like one of the cocks in the magazine and then we just started comparing our dicks.

It was just lads being lads at that point but it was the first time I properly showed off my cock and got a good look at a mate. We had our dicks right there next to each other. We weren’t frotting but it was close.

Then he said I could feel it if I wanted. There was a lot of joking around and it wasn’t like we were obviously horny for it. I suppose we were just being curious lads and looking for an opportunity.

So I grabbed his cock. He grabbed mine. We gave each other some good wanking action and it wasn’t long before we were ready to jizz. We both took over on our own cocks again and shot off some big squirts.

There was a lot of cum. I used to shoot a lot when I was that age. He could shoot just as much. Knowing what I know now I think it was definitely bigger and more intense because of the excitement of touching another cock and giving it some good rubs.

The thing I remember the most about that was how fat his cock was. He really did have the thickest dick of any guy I ever met. It felt fucking amazing in my hand. He dribbled a lot of juice too. Didn’t need spit or lube. He was just wet all the time.

So that was me experience of comparing with a hung friend, and my first time wanking another cock. I think we probably wanked off together a hundred times after that. We did some more hand job fun but it wasn’t every time.

Never frotted with him or anything like that but it was a good start to my bator lifestyle lol

It was hard to find lads to wank with so I did all the usual stuff of going to gay pubs and discovering what I was and wasn’t into. Turned out I’m just a wanker lol

Once I worked out I was “just gay for the bate” it was easier. Had quite a few good wanks with lads after that. Mostly guys I knew but sometimes I would get lucky and a dude would see me hard at the urinals and we’d get into a show-and-stroke.

So glad I found BuddyBate! Looks like I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on. Read some of the other experiences and they’re great, a lot of them are like mine. Just got my Book of Bate too. Love a good wank story so I’m looking forward to catching up on all those books 🙂

Cheers wankers. I’ll send in some more experiences soon. I’ve got a few good ones with mates and strangers.

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Jack Inoff
Jack Inoff
8 months ago

Awesome experience! nothing better than grasping a good cock and helping a buddy along.

8 months ago

Great post. That very much mirrored my first time with a mate. Exploring each other’s cock and kicking back together, having a good wank. Often late at night, after a few beers.
Like you, I’m all about the cock and the wank. Really not into going any further. I don’t mind whether it’s 1:1 or a few of us.

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