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Cum shot contest! Gym dude John Powers strokes with Zack Randall

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Video title: Competitive Cum Shooting!

This is one of our favorite themes ever, the kind of video almost all of our readers love to see.

John Powers is the big gym-going guy we’ve seen stroking his loads out on video a few times before, and I think it was only a matter of time before he got himself into a video with another dude.

I think he might have been teasing us for a while, when he first arrived we knew that he was straight but open-minded, the kind of man who likes it when other dudes are checking him out in the gym showers or admiring him in the locker room. Does that mean he’s stroked cock with a buddy before? I don’t know, but I think he’s probably thought about it.

Zack Randall is back in action after some time away from the business, but he’s real eager to meet this new performer and give him a bit of an assessment. It seems the fans love watching John enjoying his cock and playing with his low-hangers and Zack wants to see what his dick is capable of when it comes to edging and getting a good load.

As you all know, Zack is a massive cummer, he can drench himself in jizz after a good long wank and self-sucking session, and he’s the kind of guy who loves to just enjoy a good wank with another horny guy.

He doesn’t have to convince John into it, a little comparing of those muscles and working out for the cameras and the guys are watching porn, stroking themselves, measuring their big dicks and building up some good loads to splash out over the desk.

I’m not gonna tell you who wins this cum shot contest, but just be sure that big guy John seemed to have a great time and I won’t be at all surprised if we see him back for more cock stroking with some of the guys. It would be great to see him rubbing dicks and frotting with another guy on video for the first time and I think he would be down for that after this fun session of cum slinging with Zack!

Click for the video
Click for the video

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Jimmy Jacker
Jimmy Jacker
5 years ago

I fucking love watching Zack sucking his own cock and blasting out those massive cum loads! Been a fan of his videos for years and I’m glad he’s back. I hope he does more of these jack off contests with the other guys, there are a few dudes there I would love to see him beating off with.

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