Eastern Travels

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Submitted by Ian

I’ve just recently returned from a trip to Japan to see an old friend that I’d not seen in a number of years but wanted to share with you what turned out to be quite the trip. Sit back, relax, get naked, get lube and Kleenex or maybe just a cup of tea.

I first met my friend at uni many years ago, were both now 37 and we’ve kept in touch but I’d not seen him for a number of years. At uni we were friends and nothing happened between us. We had seen each other in the gym showers a couple times but that’s about it.

He’s from Japan and had returned to live there in Tokyo. He however had moved to the countryside and invited me over to see the new place and help get it set up. I jumped at the chance to catch up and go on a trip.

He was there at the airport to collect me and we traveled to his new place, chatting all the way. He’d filled out a bit since last seen him, had kept up with the gym it seemed. He was wearing shorts which had bunched up when he got into the drivers seat, exposing his upper thighs and wrapped around a nice looking small bulge. Don’t think he noticed my occasional glances as we bounced along the roads.

His place was in a small village, on the edge a little set back out of the way. A narrow drive surrounded by trees led to the house and garden also surrounded by trees, secluded you wouldn’t even know it was there.

It was a small rundown house and in need of work but functional. He had set up a tatsumi for me, next to his, in his bedroom. That’s a bed btw! I was tired a little grubby from the trip, he let me unpack my things. He called out and I found him in the kitchen we ate and he said I needed to see the next room.

A small room with 2 round what appeared to be baths. He lifted the wooden lid from one and I was correct, it was a large tub. A gentle steam rose from the water, he said isn’t it great. I smiled, he said it’s an old traditional bath. Common to these type of houses.

He then said ‘bath time’ and I said what. He asked me if I didn’t need to clean up. I was sweaty and grubby from the trip so said yeah. I expected him to leave but he started to undress, I said okay I’ll come back when he’s done. He laughed and told me it’s okay and tradition for men to bathe together.

His T-shirt was off and those shorts dropped to the floor. I noted he hadn’t been wearing any underwear. He went up the small steps and lowered himself into the water. His body was smooth, the water was clear and I could see his cock through the surface. He relaxed his arms wrapped around the top of the tub, he closed his eyes.

I took this opportunity to remove my clothes. I wouldn’t say I was shy but kinda always had an awkwardness undressing in front of guys, the locker room. Naked, my clothes on the floor, I climb the small stairs. Sit on the floor and swing my legs round into the tub, the water feels good warm against my skin. I’m sat on the edge of the tub clearly ‘man spreading’ as his eyes open.

He is directly opposite and his eyes level with my groin, can’t help but take in the view. I’ve an average cock I think. Decent size balls that hang nicely, 4 inch flaccid cock that hangs over them, good girth and I’m uncut. I’m un shaved and the head is just touching the water, I can feel the heat. He doesn’t say anything but I know he’s checking me out. Well he didn’t have much choice with the proximity. I drop into the water, the quickness as I enter makes my cock move upwards and it slaps against my belly.


Submerged under the hot water, feels good against my skin I relax. Sit there in silence allowing the water to work its magic and soothe our muscles. We begin to chat again and it feels comfortable sharing this tub. Our naked bodies reflected under the clear waters, he stands up, the water line is level with the top of his groin. The line of the top of his pubes are visible, the water magnifying his cock just beneath, he turns and grabs a sponge from the side. As I said earlier I’d noticed in the car he had filled out. His body wasn’t overly muscular but was solid/firm. Did make me think I needed to get to the gym, my body is okay, average build and oh I have hairy chest, arms legs btw. Been told I have a great treasure trail too!

He beckoned me, placing the sponge in the water. I stand moving forward slightly in the small tub. The water runs down my chest, I’m taller, the water level exposes most of my ass and cock. He reached for some soap, lathered the sponge and turned me round. He began to scrub my back . I don’t know how to describe the feeling of been scrubbed by another man but was intimate, manly and natural. I felt my nipples harden, the soapy water running down my back, between my firm butt cheeks. He finished and said was my turn to scrub him passing me the sponge. As I turned round my semi hard cock arced through the water. I don’t think he saw as he had turned round. I soaped the sponge and slowly washed his naked back. He told me the tub would normally stay soap free. You would soap up and rinse on the side before soaking. He climbed out, towel dried and put on, well I guess it’s a kimono. I jumped out too, dried and also passed me one of his kimonos. Well as I said I’m taller, bigger build, so it ran a little short but enough to cover my modesty.

I felt totally relaxed but mind racing with what had just taken place. Telling myself it’s just what men did here. We drank some tea before heading to bed. Small rolled out beds next to each other. Sat next to his bed he disrobed, got under the sheet and turned on his side. I could make out the shape of his ass. Taking of my robe too, slipped under the thin sheet. My eyes closed, recounting the feeling of the sponge on my skin. Felt my nipples harden again as I fell exhausted into slumber.

I awoke feeling the heat of the day. He was still asleep, on his back and gentleman you know what happens to us in a morning. His cock hard under the sheet, I could see its outline through the sheet but not figure how big he is. Also on my back and hard, 6.5 inches solid girth. I couldn’t help but compare, I’m definitely bigger. Lifting the sheet to look at my cock, in its glory. He started to stir, didn’t want him to catch me looking, dropped my sheet and turn on my side. He awoke hit me on the shoulder saying morning and went to the bathroom. He moved to the kitchen, so took my chance to use the bathroom. My cock still stiff took care of things and relaxed.

I grabbed glass of water he wasn’t there. Heard him in the bedroom he called me through. I’m Naked but not hard now, we’d already bathed so he had seen me fully, took a breath and entered. This was the first time I’d seen him naked, unhindered. Nicely proportioned for his body. Flaccid about 2.5 maybe 3 inches at most, small balls nestled underneath. Decent amount of pubic hair, balls shaved. I didn’t want him to catch me looking too much, so diverted my eyes quickly.



He picked up 2 lengths of white cotton, about 5 inch wide and few metres long. My face must have been confused and he said we’re going to wear Fundoshi. I asked him what? He said I’ll show you. He had the cloth laid across one shoulder, it hung over his cock. Holding the part on his shoulder, pulled it back between his legs, making a kinda pouch to hold his cock. He began to twist the length he had pulled through and lifted it between his butt cheeks, making a kind of thong. This was then brought over the top of his butt cheek/hip and back round the front across the front of the cloth he’d been holding on his chest, which he let now drop. Taking the other cloth all way round making a kind of waistband, round the back and tied to the top of the part between his butt cheeks. Then again with the cloth that was hanging, pulled back over his cock, twisted and tied off. I smiled saying oh you mean a jock, we laughed. I can’t think how else to describe it other than a jock. I tried to copy but couldn’t get the length of the cloth right, so it would tie correctly. He told me to give up and proceeded to dress me. I enjoyed it and you know what, it’s surprisingly comfortable. Feel all snug and secure.

We needed to go shopping for supplies, I wasn’t going out in public like this! He gave me a large type of shirt, shoes and we both set off. Felt kinda liberating, no one said anything, quite normal in fact. The sun was warm and I could feel a gentle breeze around my groin and ass. I wondered if this how it felt to wear a kilt, but then realised you’d wear nothing under a kilt. That thought did get my imagination going and started to feel my groin stirring but was snugly tied in so didn’t need to worry about exposing an erection, was getting snug in there.

Back at the house, alone again, just the 2 of us. Supplies unpacked we had already decided on the walk to tackle the garden area. Tools in hand began the labour of tackling the mass of weeds dead grass. It was hot day, threw off the shirt and worked. He followed suit, both in our fundoshi worked hard, sweat running over our bodies. I thought I’d caught him glancing over at me, these didn’t leave too much to the imagination, 2 thin sheets of cotton hiding the contents. I admit I had checked him out few times too and the thought he had too made me smile.

I was hot and noticed a hand pump in the garden. I went over, it worked! Putting my head under the cold water felt good. Took a bucket off the ground, filled it and poured over myself cooling nicely. He came over and made an odd remark – nice show? He took the bucket, filled it and poured over himself. Didn’t take me long to realise what he’d meant. The water had made everything visible, our cocks clearly visible through the now wet white cloth.

No need to hide our glances now, clearly looking at each other’s groins and our cocks. Smiling at each other, I saw little point in staying in the wet garment. I started to untwist the cloth from my waist, pulling it from between my ass cheeks moving onto the final section. I threw it to the floor. Fully naked, nothing hiding, my cock glistening in the heat. He didn’t take his eyes off my cock as he unwrapped himself, I saw his cock pushing against the cloth, it wanted out. As he loosened and dropped the cloth his cock bounced, clearly semi erect.



The heat and sight of his cock, I started to feel myself getting aroused, nipples hard again. I watched as his cock grew harder, no longer semi and rising. I’d never watched a guy get hard before but knew this was something I liked. I’d seen guys hard in the showers at the gym but never watched a guys cock get hard before me. He was about 4.5 inches hard, nice balls. I just stood there looking, my cock quickly getting hard, stiff 6.5 inches thick girth.

We moved to the porch area, stiff cocks leading the way. Laid down next to each other, man I felt so horny. I closed my eyes and cupped my balls, feeling their heavy weight, I gave a moan it felt so good. Opening my eyes again, he was stroking his cock. I didn’t need prompting so took hold of my cock and worked its length. Our heads turned as we watched each other wank. Using both my hands, holding the base I worked the head with the other hand. I’d never felt so turned on. He stroked his cock, strokes getting faster, hear his breathing deepen. Watching each other as we worked our cocks. I could feel myself wanting to cum, my ass clenched, raising my groin as I stroked. Man, it felt so good. He was going fast, he wanted to cum bad. He gave a groan, hips bucked as I watched cum spurt from his cock. That took me over the edge, my eyes closed as 3, 4 strong spurts of cum shot from my cock, hitting my chest and stomach. Breathing hard, dropped my hands as a last spurt shot forth. I’d not watched a man cum before in person, seeing the cum shoot from their cock, was intense and had sent me over the edge.

Silent, looking at each other and our loads. Laid there on the deck in the sun, relaxed, now breathing gently again. Our cocks relaxing too, it felt so good and not what I’d expected on this trip. I stood up, my cum slowly moving down from my chest and stomach. I went to the pump, got some water and washed myself clean.

We continued with the garden but now totally naked, our cocks hanging free, we talked and laughed. Wasn’t long before we were shattered and needed to head to our beds.

Again I thought of what happened in the day, quickly getting hard again, wondering if I could wank whilst he slept beside me. I didn’t, but held my balls as I drifted to sleep.

Waking felt different today, I was hard as usual and glancing over so was he. Only this time he was awake and seeing the tent under my sheet. He started to play with his cock, slow strokes. I pulled the sheets from our bodies, I don’t think he thought I was awake. After yesterday I wanted to watch him cum again. My legs spread wide, grabbed my hard cock and wanked. I was impatient and wanted to spill my load, no stopping this morning, I wanked hard and quickly. Felt my balls tightened I let out an unexpected grunt and began to cum, it felt so good, opened my eyes to watch him wank, even though I’d cum I kept stroking as I watched him, pumping the last of the cum from my cock. He started to shoot, harder than yesterday as some hit his cheek, breathing hard, I heard him say fuck. Clearly enjoyed himself :-). Cleaned ourselves up and had breakfast.

Nowhere to go today, we didn’t bother to dress, no need to from what we’d already shared and it was totally secluded. Worked a little in garden, watching each other as we worked. Cocks free and swinging! I had bent over to picked up some weeds and looked back between my legs, saw him checking out my cock from the back as it hung. Or maybe he was looking at my firm ass. At times our cocks got hard, we are men after all but nothing happened. I wasn’t sure why, I was still horny from what happened earlier.

We ate dinner and then moved to the bathroom, he had heated the water, the sponge and soap on the side. No need to undress as we hadn’t all day. He took the sponge and soaped himself up, all over. He seemed a little quiet, maybe he thought we’d gone too far in our friendship. I watched the soap slowly slide across his firm body, down his stomach and over his cock. I detected a small bounce and sure he was semi under the suds.



I went to take the sponge so I could wash too. He held my hand back turned be round and scrubbed my back like before. But this time wasn’t in the tub and fully exposed. He moved over my ass down my legs up the front to my thighs. He then reached round did my chest, the soap running. He scrubbed my back again but as he moved over my ass, he moved the sponge forward between my thighs and felt the sponge rubbing across my balls. Opening my legs a little he reached further, sponge touching my cock. It felt good, I turned and he was hard. Asked if I minded, to which I said go ahead. He then soaped my groin and slow strokes across my cock and balls. I wasn’t staying flaccid long, quickly hitting my full 6.5 inches. The sponge working its magic.

I watched as he worked liking what I saw and felt. He dropped the sponge and took hold of my cock, I pulled back a little. I’ve never had a man touch my hard cock, this was a trip of firsts. He took his hand away but I said no it’s okay he then took hold again and stroked my full length, holding the base he stroked. Clearly having watched how I like to wank. The feel of a mans hand on my cock was good, men know how to handle a cock. I wanted to return the favour, feel what it’s like to play with another man’s cock. I tried but he said not yet, he wanted me to be his guest. He worked my cock and was slow and fast must have been for ten minutes I’m surprised I didn’t cum as soon as he touched me. He continues working the shaft, I pull on my balls not wanting to cum yet. It helps a little but not much. I feel the tingling sensation build in the base of my cock, I’m cumming it hits his chest and runs down his body.

It’s now my turn, I take hold of his cock. It feels somewhat familiar, I mean I handle mine enough! He’s hard solid, I work his shaft with one hand and cup his balls with the other. He doesn’t take long. Cum pumps from his cock, over my hand, he’s moaning. A few more slow strokes ensures his balls empty.

We wash ourselves clean and slip into the clear hot water of the tub and relax, silent. After awhile get out of the tub, steam rising from our bodies. My cock is plump, hanging freely as are my balls from the heat of the water. Towel off and head to bed, the thin white sheet barely covering my body fall asleep.


I awake it’s my final morning before need to leave. I’m hard again but not hiding anything this time. Pull the sheet off and start to wank. I can see that he’s hard too. I’m taking my time tho, want to enjoy the last few moments. He’s watching as I take my time. He starts to play too but somewhat more urgently. My strokes are slow steady, precum glistens and I rub it over the head of my cock. He’s becoming more urgent and strokes faster and before long he’s cumming again. I admit did make me want to cum too but taking my time. Slow steady strokes, he watches and gently fondles his now flaccid cock. I recall the past few days my back arches, bum raised and I know I’m ready. Again I’m cumming, balls ache as they empty. I just lay there spent.

Naked I rise enter the garden, the sun feels good. I wash in the garden, cool water on my skin. Time to dress and leave for the airport. He drives me

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back, we talk and laugh on the journey back. He’s definitely tenting as I get out the car.

I must say I can’t wait to go back.

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6 thoughts on “Eastern Travels

  • February 8, 2020 at 6:46 pm

    Wow! An amazing story well told that had me feeling warm all over. I would love to be in that situation with a trusted buddy, exploring each other and cumming together. The bath scenes got to me, and I’ve been hard as a rock reading this. Thanks.

  • February 8, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    Wow what a amazing story. Definitely want to hear more.

    Thanks 4 that

    • February 9, 2020 at 4:14 pm

      Thanks Ian. This is hot and amazing. Did you ever talk about what had happened? Like when it first happened? And let me know when you are going back, would like to join. Heheh. Tell us more. Is he reading buddybate too? Would be interested what was his point of view.

  • February 9, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    Man what a great experience and journey you had. Makes me really hard while reading. Thanks for sharing ?


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