Enforcement – Night Shift Nut Bust – Part Three

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Enforcement – Night Shift Nut Bust – Part Three, was originally released via the BuddyBate Patreon. Our exclusive fiction is now being released via the Book Of Bate, with each volume containing TEN original stories. Please click here for more information.

The first story in the Enforcement theme has come to an end with part three, but there’s going to be more uniformed men in positions of authority getting their cocks spurting with other guys in the future!

Excerpt from Enforcement – Night Shift Nut Bust – Part Three

“I’m getting close” he said, quietly, our eyes still locked down between us to enjoy every visual delight of our combined play as I continued to slip and slide his foreskin all over my gooey helmet.

“You’ll cum when I say you can cum” I instructed, easing my cock alongside his, grinding our wet lengths together.

I never knew my cock could leak so much pre, but both of us were seeping constantly, coating our erections and hands with a perfect lubricant as our warm shafts combined.

“Take over” I ordered, releasing his shaft from my grip. His fingers struggled to encompass both our members, but with determination he succeeded, mashing our meaty poles together as he humped his hips and fucked his cock up against my thicker dick.

His longer pole nudged at the short hair beside my shaft with every pump, his tip depositing a wet patch.

“You’ve got an amazing cock, man” he said, taking a moment to play with my tip, sending shivers through my body as the threat of climax quickly grew once more. I could feel the roughness of his fingertips as they slipped over my perfectly smooth and taught bell end.

I didn’t have time to respond before the flush of the urinals triggered automatically, their chugging and hissing making us both jump with fright as the water splashed down over the porcelain, the smell of the urinal cakes spreading through the air around us once more.

My heart was racing although I wasn’t sure if it was because of the sudden interruption, snapping me away from my focused attention on our two solid penises, or the quickly growing pleasure being delivered by his rubbing hand and fingers.

Despite the loud interruption Landon didn’t let go of my cock, he had a task and he was determined to meet it. “I need to cum so badly” he pleaded. “Will you cum on my cock, Sir?”

“Yes” I agreed, now desperate for release myself but eager to hide it, “then you’re going to eat it all” I added, with a devious chuckle.


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