Enforcement – Off-Duty Patrol – Part 2

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He can’t help himself, with the engorged cock appearing through the hole in the cubicle wall he grasps it, his own bulging with desperation. Even he is surprised by how far he’ll go when he’s off duty.

Excerpt from Enforcement – Off-Duty Patrol – Part 2

I don’t think I’ve shot my load without touching my cock for ten years, but I really felt like I could just start slinging my cream out all over myself in that moment. The feel of that hot and hard dick in my hand was so incredible!

I still wanted to wank myself, but with my right hand up on his meat and my left barely able to properly grasp my cock the way I liked I needed a new strategy.

With my hand still on his shaft I stood up quickly, my penis thick and jutting out in front of me. I didn’t want to let my jeans fall to the floor so I parted my legs some more, standing with a wide stance to keep them above my knees as they slipped down my hairy thighs.

The feeling of our flesh meeting was even more incredible than masturbating him. I spit down over our combined flesh, rubbing our hard shafts around and smearing it. The hotness of his member merged with mine and I fucked my slightly open hand, my skin rubbing against his, our veins bulging out, the bright pink complexion of my thicker shaft looking even more pale against his darker length.

It was like I could feel his pulse through my dick, I could almost feel the sensation of his growing climax in my own balls. My nuts were so fat and swollen but tight up against my taint, the sack taught.

His dick could produce a lot more sap than mine, more than enough for our penises to continue to rub and glide around together for as long as we wanted, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

I’ve never been able to make my wanks last too long, but with another incredible cock there and the thrill of rubbing and stroking another guy I was on the crest of exploding my jizz out so quickly.

There was just one more thing for me to do, and even though I’d walked in there with just the vaguest of ideas that I might see another hard penis being wanked I couldn’t stop my newfound cock lust from taking over.

I returned to my seat, my bare arse on the wood. I didn’t care any more about how dirty the place might be. My cock was so stiff, clammy with spit and pre. I stared at the raging penis dripping a long stream of nectar just inches from my face and leaned forward, wiping away the dribble with my thumb

I poked my tongue out. The heat of his cock met it for the briefest of seconds.


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