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Extra fun with straight lads wanking and sucking

Site reviewI know a lot of you guys have probably watched the original video with straight jocks Tyler Hirst and Patrick West getting their uncut cocks out together and slapping them around, wanking each other off and sucking those hooded dicks until their cum loads are spewing out, but now we get a little extra action from their pairing with this bonus video and I think you guys will want to see this one too.

The bonus videos are pretty good there, better than you might think. One of the reasons I love them so much is that you really get a good sense of how much fun they had. The original versions of the video get down to the basics, but these bonus scenes capture a lot of the fun in-between with the guys comparing their cocks, checking each other out and enjoying what they see and feel for the first time.

These guys definitely had a whole lot of fun in their duo. You probably know former Royal Marine Tyler learned to love playing with other guy’s dicks early on, but this is the first time footballer Patrick has ever touched another guys meat and he gets so into it he’s willing to suck cock.

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There’s no denying these guys enjoy themselves, their cocks are hard and juicy, precum seeping out, their own boners bouncing and throbbing as they suck each other.

The mess these guys splash out of their cocks at the end is great too.

Check out some of the pics from their shoot together and click through below for the video. You guys are gonna love watching these two having so much fun with their shafts.

Click for the video Click for the video

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