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Extra fun with straight wankers Tyler Hirst and John Dudley

Site reviewI know a lot of you guys have probably seen the original video with Tyler Hirst showing new straight lad John Dudley how much fun mutual wanking between guys can be, but you haven’t seen the bonus video, and let’s be honest and say that any footage of these guys enjoying their uncut cocks together is worth seeing.

We get lots of extra footage in this one that didn’t make it into the original cut, and there’s something pretty damn hot about it. You get to see the guys more naturally, without all the editing. I love seeing these bonus videos because you get a lot more of those sideways glances as the guys check out their new buddy’s cock, those little moments of joking about and trying to break the ice. There’s definitely something more organic about these videos and there are moments that I can recognize from sessions where I was getting a new mate into groping some dick other than their own.

Footballer John is one of those lads we nearly didn’t get to see sharing his cock with another guy. He did a solo wank video back in 2014 and then disappeared, not too eager about the idea of letting another guy touch his cock. I don’t know what happened to him in the fifteen months before he came back, but he eventually decided to come back and get a hand job.

Tyler was the best one to do it. This straight former military lad is pretty shameless when it comes to getting his uncut cock with his mates and he’d already had a lot of wanking experiences with his marine buddies before he started making videos. Yeah, imagine that, him and his military mates all getting their cocks out and comparing their dicks, measuring their hard ones and wanking out their cum loads together – the guy was so ready for videos like this one!

Although this was supposed to be all about Tyler giving John a massage and then wanking him off, John surprised us all by reaching out and grabbing Tyler’s perfectly pink and hooded stiffy too, sharing some great mutual wanking for the first time. They had a blast, quite literally, finishing up their mutual cock stroking with some hot cum erupting out over their abs.

John might have been reluctant a few months before, but there’s no denying his long uncut cock enjoyed all the attention, and it certainly seems as though he enjoyed wanking Tyler’s cock for him too.

This wasn’t the last time John enjoyed another lad’s dick. He came back to get his cock sucked by one of the other guys in April 2016, and wanked him off too.

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