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Submitted by Graboid7

I wasn’t sure how my previous post about my mate Martin would be received but I guess there’s a whole range of guys into different things. I’m glad that some liked it.

Everything that happened in that story took place about 12 years ago. I’m still friends with Martin and Cindy. I was married and then widowed six years later. The builder got binned when I first met my wife to be.

Then, about a year and a half after my wife passed, I went through a phase where cock just seemed to present itself to me. Or I became more aware of it and up for it. It felt too soon to think about another relationship and I craved the release of something simpler. I also learned a few more tricks, and to relax and enjoy it more.

It’s funny when I look back. With my first mate it was mostly solo wanking to porn mags with the occasional shared wank or rubbing our cocks together. When he suggested teaming up with another guy for a group wank I wasn’t interested. I’ve since done exactly that with a gay couple I met on a nudist beach.

With the train guard, part of the reason it fizzled out was because he wanted to get into swapping blow jobs, and I didn’t. He even offered to suck me off with no need to repay him but I didn’t fancy the idea. Obviously, with Martin and I, that wasn’t a problem on either side.

The next thing that happened still gets me thinking of what might have been if I’d been braver. My wife and I had bought a three bed terraced, and I decided to move. I was looking to get another two bed place. The house sale went through before the flat so I was forced to rent a small place for a couple of months.

The room I used as an office overlooked the kitchen and living room of the house opposite. It was owned by a middle aged couple with two sons in their twenties. I also gradually recognised the younger lad as one of the post boys at work. Small world. I hadn’t really taken much notice beyond the obvious nosing at who lived there, until I looked out one Saturday morning to see the elder son open the bathroom window and helicopter his cock to his girlfriend and friends in the garden below. That night I watched as, after the rest of the family were in bed, the same son received a blow job off his girlfriend. I kept my lights off so they couldn’t see me but I think I came as soon as he did. After that I spent quite a lot of time in my office with my curtain open just wide enough to spy.

One night I was in the kitchen when I saw the lights come on in the bedroom opposite, the curtains were partly open and I could see a flash of bare flesh pass by the gap. Needless to say I remembered something I needed to do upstairs in the office. When I looked I could see the slightly chubby younger son walking back and forth. There were no other lights on that I could see in the house. He was naked, or at least topless. The window wasn’t low enough for me to see below his waist.

No other lights were on. My cock was twitching appreciatively. Then he must have put the television on and turned off the main light. It made it harder to see anything and I was chastising myself for being a perve and about to give up when suddenly he came right up to the gap in his curtains and reached up to open a small window. As he did I was treated to a quick glimpse of his fully erect penis. It was chubby like him and looked a reasonable size. I nearly fell off my chair. I panicked a bit and then turned on my desk lamp. I saw him come to the window, look over, then close his curtains fully. I figured I put him off.

After that I was a lot more cautious, especially after I began to recognise him at work. I kept an eye out now and again but apart from the father in his dressing gown, and his mum wondering around in just her bra and a skirt. I saw nothing. I was aware that he was still looking over and sometimes saw him getting dressed, but only from the waist up. Seeing him at work was interesting though. Because he was a little bit chubby his trousers were tight, and his bulge was accentuated. I shared a busy lift journey with him once and was able to survey it quite closely. I even caught him checking me out which made him turn red and stare straight ahead. I wasn’t sure if he recognised me though.

Then one night when I genuinely was using the office for paperwork to do with the sale of the house I saw a light come on in their kitchen. It was him wearing nothing but a pair of white pants. I was in my dressing gown so pushed backwards in my chair, so I was positioned more in the light, and let it fall open. He leaned towards the window then moved backwards and started to pull his pants down. I let my dressing gown fall off my shoulders and took my arms out of the sleeves. As I looked he turned sideways to show me his hard cock. I was about to stand up and do the same, when their bathroom light went on. I could see him panic and pull his pants back up and he seemed to be talking to someone upstairs. I got dressed again. He turned off the light and went. After that there were one or two occasions when I was at work and saw him going into the gents but was too nervous to follow him and one or two nights when I could see him undressing at home but the family were downstairs.

And that was almost it, until the one night I was walking home, and noticed a sold sign on their house, and when I turned the corner into my street, I could see him walking towards me.

We both recognised each other and nodded briefly as we passed. As I was putting my key in my door I glanced after him and could see him looking back at me. I practically ran upstairs ripping my clothes off as I went. All the lights were off in their house but I could see him removing his coat from the back light of the porch. I was absolutely naked and dribbling precum I was so turned on.

I quickly flicked on my office lamp so he could see me. I watched as he turned on the living room light and walked into the room, one hand down the front of his trousers. He turned on a small table lamp then turned an armchair to face my widow. He then went back to turn the main light off. As he came back he was opening the front of his trousers and looking up at me. I opened the gap in my curtain, stood up, and turned sideways so we could see my cock in the same way he showed me before.

As soon as I did, he pulled his trousers and pants down and his hard cock sprang out. I gave him a thumbs up which he returned, then he found his way back to the chair, sat down and started wanking his cock vigorously. I was so turned on my legs were like jelly, so I had to sit too. Even after I sat down my legs were shivering up and down and I could barely touch my cock. It was so ready to fire off that it was pumping out globules of precum that were running down my cock in rivulets.

I think the naughtiness of the situation was really exciting me. Suddenly I could see him tense and writhe as he started coming over his chest and stomach. I was smearing my precum into balls, caressing them, and before I could even tug my cock, immediately began shooting my load too. Like really hard, hands free, hitting the window and splashing down over my feet. I could see him licking his hand, then scooping up more of his own come and eating it.

As I watched him I took the residue off my own cock and licked it too. I’d never really been into eating my own but it felt sexy and tasted nice. I was rewarded by my cock pulsing and firing off another warm pool of cum into my hand. I ate that too. We gave another thumbs up and he went to bed. I stayed where I was with the lamp off, and got to enjoy him undressing through the gap in his curtains as I recovered from my powerful orgasm. I gave him one final wave of my cock as he looked over.

The next day I realised the family were moving. I guess that’s what made him brave. He also finished at work around that time. One day I saw his blue Corsa parked outside my house and could see him inside. I should have gone out and talked to him but it felt awkward. By the time I’d made my mind up, he’d driven off. I did see him once again at the local leisure centre going swimming with friends after I’d finished a circuits class. He recognised me but neither of us did anything about it. I wish I been a bit braver. I would have enjoyed seeing him bang one out the way he did that night.

Had to wait until the next guy for that pleasure.

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4 months ago

Sometimes the perv in us all needs its time in the sun. I love perving at my neighbours too. Great story mate. Can’t wait for more

4 months ago
Reply to  Kiwijacker

If people are happy to wander around naked, and doing things, with their lights on and their curtains open, it would be rude not to at least have a peek.

4 months ago

Nice story. You should have invited him in.

4 months ago
Reply to  Jim

I still kick myself.

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