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First time with a teammate

Submitted by Frofro89

My first experience was 10 or so years ago. With my wrestling teammate from high school.

We both whip it out and I had him by about an inch. So he hands me the phone playing the video and just starts slurping away on my cock.

We had seen each other naked in the locker room many times occasionally rocking a semi, as is the high school locker room. It was the summer after our senior year and he hosted a party at his place, you can imagine what it was like with a bunch of newly 18-year-olds sneaking beers.

There was a good group of people over and everyone was there till 1 or 2 in the morning. After everyone had left he asked if I wanted to go use the hot tub and I agreed. He gave me a pair of his swimming trunks. We talked about his break up with his girlfriend and my potential prospects, discussed what our plans for college were. He asked me if I wanted to stay over and I agreed because I was definitely to intoxicated to drive.



After the hot tub we went back to his room and got ready for bed, I laid down on the floor and after a bit he asked if I wanted to watch some porn and I agreed so we sat in his bed watched a few videos we were both obviously bulging and after a few minutes he was like “I bet mines bigger” and I’m like “I doubt it”, he said the smaller one has to give the other one a BJ and I said alright. We both whip it out and I had him by about an inch. So he hands me the phone playing the video and just starts slurping away on my cock.

After a bit he pulls off and I’m like fuck it and reciprocated.

We finished ourselves off after that which led to several bare sessions that summer. Near the end of summer we did flip fuck finally which was awesome but led to some definite awkwardness between us for a while.

We’re still friends, he’s married with a family now, same as me. It was definitely an awesome experience. I have a buddy I occasionally bate with still but I wish I had a few others to watch a porno and stroke with.

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One thought on “First time with a teammate

  • March 18, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    Great and hot story but sad to hear that this what you both experienced led you have some awkwardness between you both.


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