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Fit Young Men site review

I joined another site today, one that I’d kind of been looking at for a while and wondering whether I should. You know about the English Lads site already and you know it’s probably the best site in the world for fans of mutual wanking and guys beating off together, frotting cocks and shooting off loads, so it’s probably no surprise that I would eventually end up buying a membership to FYM too.

Oh, and by the way, it would be really cool if you could help me by getting your own membership to either FYM or EL. I know most of you are happy members at EL already, but if you’re not then you should be.

Why did I take so long signing up to the FYM site? Mainly because it’s all galleries, aside from a couple of kind of promo videos with random lads there. It’s where the owner of EL starts out his new models and gets them eased into showing off for the full videos on the EL site.

But, that’s also what makes this site special, because you get to see these lads right from their very first shoot. You can also find out a little more about them, like the Rugby player who enjoys showers with his mates and had a few wanking contests with his buddies, or the straight lad who lives with his brother and spends most of his time naked.

The other great thing about this site is that almost all of the guys have a sporty their involved in and they dress up to keep in-theme. The Rugby players pose in their uniforms and boots etc, the personal trainer actually looks like one, the skateboarder shows off in his shorts and with props… you get the idea.

If you know anything about the English Lads site then you know that their main focus is on British straight guys, amateurs who’ve never posed for a photographer before. They really highlight the straight athletic and sporty guys of the UK, lads who have the confidence to show everything off for a shoot.

The site has been going since 2010, so as you can probably imagine there are hundreds of guys there with hundreds of shoots, all with various themes and different limits. Some guys just want to show off naked, other’s can’t help but get hard, a lot of them finish off with a cum load.

Ultimately, while I don’t think it’s going to be as popular as the English Lads site and I wonder if they would be better just adding these shoots to that site and giving a more thorough profile for their guys, the FYM site is great if you love photo shoots with straight sporty guys in themed galleries, and it’s really great for getting to know some of the most popular lads we see wanking with other guys on the EL site. You can find extra little details about them on this site that we might not have known otherwise.



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