Flatmate wanking with a friend in the 90’s

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Submitted by Bob from London

“I moved to London to live with a friend of a friend in the mid 90’s when I got a job with a banking firm. I didn’t know the guy I was living with really, we’d met maybe twice over my time at Uni and although he seemed alright he just wasn’t the kind of guy I used to hang out with. While I was nervous and studious, he was a gym-going ladies-man with a reputation for partying. He had a spare room though, in a nice part of the city, in a really nice flat his rich father had bought in the 80’s and never used.

After a few weeks of getting to know each other we became pretty good mates. After years of not having a girlfriend he hooked me up with a friend of one of his girlfriends and I was finally getting laid regularly.

This was also the time I worked out I enjoy cock.

I went out one night with my girlfriend to meet her parents and came home alone pretty late. I walked into the living room and he was sitting on the couch with his cock out of his jeans just wanking off over a porn movie.

It wasn’t unusual to see his cock I have to add. He had no problem with walking around the flat naked. I’d seen his dick maybe fifty times already. I’d never seen it fully hard though, and never with him wanking it. I’d seen him semi-hard before, after coming out of his bedroom early in the morning having clearly had a wank and needing a shower, but he was rock solid and stroking it on the sofa right there in front of me.


I was a little surprised to say the least, but he just carried on as if nothing was strange, asking me how my date went and joking with me about her parents hating me.

Strangely, I kind of felt a little angry inside. For some reason I was mad that he felt it was okay to wank in front of me and act like it was nothing. Looking back on it I think I was just mad that he had the confidence to do that while I was such a pussy. I wasn’t a confident person back then even though I’m pretty nice looking and I have a nice body. I’ve been compared to Daniel Radcliffe before, my wife saw a photo of me from back then and she swears I look like him in it.

So my anger made me do something weird, I grabbed a beer from the fridge and just went and sat next to him on the sofa.

We carried on talking about the date for a couple of minutes and I actually got used to the fact he had his cock out. He’d stopped wanking and was getting a little floppy and I kept stealing glimpses of his dick laying over his jeans like a wet pink sausage.

My cock was hard now too. The video was actually good. This was before the days of DVD’s and the Internet so he was watching some old porn VHS tape he probably got from a mate down the market.

The conversation kind of trailed off, I went and got him a beer, then sat back down and got my cock out too.

I don’t know if he said anything about that, I think we probably talked about the video, and he probably told me some story about a girl he’d been fucking, but all I remember is we both sat there wanking our cocks and watching porn for the next half an hour before he grabbed the loo roll he had next to him and then stood to shoot his cum out. I watched his cock splashing white jets of cum into the bunched up ball in his hand and then he sat back down and handed me the roll.


Within a couple of seconds I was leaning forward and secretively pumping my cum into tissue too, while he watched over my shoulder. I knew he was watching me cumming.

He got up to flush his tissues while I sat there and considered what just happened.

It was the start of something regular, but then I think most of the time a wank like that starts something. He’s now my best mate and has been for just over 20 years. After that first time we wanked together in that flat more times than I can count. I moved out in 98, got married, had a son, got divorced, got remarried… he got married a couple of years ago. And throughout all of this we still enjoy our wanks together. We never stopped. We found excuses to meet up for events, for gigs, for no reason other than a lads night in, and it just always led to watching porn and enjoying our cocks together.

We’ve never discussed sexuality, it’s not about that. All I know is that he’s my best mate and I would trust him with my life. Getting our cocks out and wanking out some cum together is more of a bonding thing, a friendship ritual, something that makes us closer as friends than anyone else I know.

I can imagine that when we’re both in our 70’s we’ll still be sharing wanks, and Viagra probably too.”

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