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Submitted by Chris

Just ordered my new Proud Pin because the previous buttons and stickers worked so well for me!

I meant to send this in last year but never got around to it. I think it’s definitely time.

I’m a married man, just turned 54, been an avid masturbator most of my life just like everyone else here. Had a few wanks with friends back in the day but I never knew this community existed until the pandemic. That’s when I discovered BuddyBate and realized that so many other guys out there like to share their fun with other men.

I’ve always liked bi and trans porn, MMF threesomes and orgies etc, so I suppose wanking with guys is a natural interest for someone like me. I just didn’t know it was a thing until I found this community. I really had no idea so many men just enjoy masturbation with other men!

So I bought the discreet buttons and stickers and never did anything with them. I really just got them so I knew what they looked like and if I saw anyone with one I would be able to think about mentioning it. They just sat in their envelope in a drawer after I got them. I realize this kind of defeats the purpose. If other guys do the same then it’s not going to lead to many encounters!

For a while it was like that but then I got a lucky break.

My company had a few people working from home since the pandemic. It was working out pretty well for everyone. I took on the extra responsibility of delivering paperwork to a few staff in the evenings.

One regular customer turned out to be a bator. I probably delivered to his flat 5 times before I noticed the BuddyBate sticker on the letterbox. I didn’t say anything about it the first time. I needed time to work out what to say or if I wanted to say anything at all.

I decided to wear one of my buttons the next time I delivered to him and see if he noticed it. I thought it would be better if he was in control of the situation and if he was down for it he could say something.

The next time I delivered I was so nervous I almost took the button off before I got out of the car but I kept it on and I know he noticed it. He looked right at it but didn’t say anything. I thought that probably meant he wasn’t interested. I’m told I’m a good looking guy and I stay in shape, but even though I look younger than I am I was probably twenty years older than him. I thought about it a lot after that and wondered if it was his partner or flatmate who put the sticker there and maybe he didn’t know anything about it (I knew he lived with a guy but I wasn’t sure if they were boyfriends or just flatmates). Then I wondered if maybe he just moved in and it was already there.

There were a few scenarios I came up with but in the end I just decided that it didn’t matter whether he wasn’t interested or he didn’t know anything about it, the outcome was the same. It was a bit deflating but at the same time I was really contemplating just leaping right into things and trying the London Jack Off Club. It was a fantasy more than a reality. I don’t think I would have actually had the balls to do that but it was enough to get me hard and wanking it wondering what it would be like.

Then the next time I delivered to him it happened. I’d taken the button off and decided to move on to look for other opportunities. He asked me where my button was.

I didn’t know what to say at first but then the words just kind of tumbled out and I told him I’d seen the sticker and thought I would see if he would say anything if I wore a button. I told him I was new to it all and nervous. He apologized for not saying anything and told me he’d had to check with his boyfriend first.

I’ve been wanking with him and his boyfriend ever since!

It worked out perfectly. He’s gay but his boyfriend is bi and we have a good collection of porn to wank to. I go over there about once a month (sometimes twice) and we have great long wank sessions. Sometimes we’re rubbing our slippery dicks for three hours, swapping cocks, sharing toys, frotting and so on. They’re both regulars at the London Jack Off Club too and they have a few other friends they wank with, but for now I’m just keeping it simple and enjoying my new friendship with them.

It will definitely make it a lot easier to go to the club for the first time with two friends to guide me!

It’s not just about the wanks either. We’ve become good friends. I think it’s probably hit and miss whether you find someone who wants a friendship or just wanks, I would have been good with just a one off wank just for the experience but I got lucky with these guys and it’s exactly the kind of friendship I hoped for.

I didn’t have many male friends before all of this but it’s been great. They’re so down to earth about it, it’s all very relaxed. We do all kinds of other things like go to quiz nights at the pub and in June I looked after their dogs for a weekend while they were in France. They’ve met my wife and have been entirely respectful about those boundaries, never mentioning anything. She’s okay with it all anyway but it’s not the kind of thing we talk about. I don’t keep much from her because she is my best friend. She’s known I was kind of bi-curious since we met in the 80s and we talked about things openly a lot. I just think it’s more respectful to keep that side of my life to myself. We’ve learned over the years that we both need our own space and hobbies.

So that’s my experience. It took a while to send it but very glad I did. I wanted to check with the guys to see if they were okay about me sending it in too and they’re good about it.

I’m so glad I found BuddyBate and met these guys because of it. I’m going to be wearing my new Proud Pin occasionally but I think it’s mostly so I feel more connected to the community, maybe I might go to the club and meet some of their other friends, we’ll have to see about that.


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2 months ago

Exciting story! I’m sure your situation mirrors that of many of us, time for me to order those buttons ????!

2 months ago

Love that your wife would be cool with your hobby. Wonder if she has a similar hobby, herself…?

1 month ago

Such an honest and inspiring account, Chris. It’s great you’ve made new friends like that, with so much bate experience now and so much more to look forward to.

1 month ago

I’m new n been trying to meet someone in Tucson Az .hit me up if u down to chill u must host [data removed]

1 month ago
Reply to  Eddie

Hi Eddie.
We do not allow the posting of phone numbers, in any format. Comments are manually reviewed daily.
For more information you can visit this post.

1 month ago

Tucson Az let meet up

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