Frat Fap – Basement Trade-Off

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Part one of Frat Fap – Basement Trade-Off, was originally released via the BuddyBate Patreon. Our exclusive fiction is now being released via the Book Of Bate, with each volume containing TEN original stories. Please click here for more information.

Excerpt from Frat Fap – Basement Trade-Off

“Okay” Mike looked down to the dirty floor for a moment “you can have any PlayStation game, or porn DVD. Take your pick from any of mine and it’s yours”

“Tempting!” Terry’s eyes widened “but I’m not gaming much now and my porn stash is probably ten times the size of yours”

“Fifty bucks?” it was a last ditch effort, one he knew wouldn’t work. Terry was already set up for life, his college was paid for, his parents rich and ready to send him cash whenever he needed. He could make a call that moment and have another thousand dollars in his account by the end of the day.

Terry laughed, “bro, seriously?”

That was it, Mike was all out of options. He shrugged, turning away toward the steps ready to find some trash bags to get started on the basement.

“Hey” Terry said, bouncing off the cabinet, “I’ll clean up down here if you’ll blow this” he said, reaching into the open fly of his boxers and exposing his long manhood, his balls flopping out low and heavy behind it.

“Fuck you man” Mike said, turning to continue his journey back up to the storeroom. He knew it was going to take at least two days to clean the house entirely, but if he got started now he could at least find some time the next day to finish one paper.

“No man, I’m serious.” Terry insisted, “just give it a suck and I’ll help you out!”

“You’re an asshole” Mike continued without looking back.

“Okay, a hand job and I’ll do all the cleaning and the laundry all week” Terry called out as Mike lifted one foot to the bottom step.


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  • March 1, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Fucking great story can’t wait for the next part.


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