Frat Fap – The Legend Of Callum’s Measure – Part Two

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Excerpt from Frat Fap – The Legend Of Callum’s Measure

Doink had mentioned briefly in a spate of competitive ranting toward his friend Dingus that he was going to deliver more than once, it seemed to be the case as he stepped up from the couch after only fifteen minutes of jacking, hastily approaching the side of the tarp as other guys stepped out of the way.

All eyes were suddenly on him, his muscular body hunching over in his familiar style, his knees bent, trying to aim his rock solid upward-pointing six inch cock down toward the tarp. “First one’s gonna be a winning shot!” he arrogantly proclaimed, his fist rubbing his erection frantically, his heavy balls swinging wildly between his parted thighs.

“Sure Doink!” his friend called out from the couch, taking another swig from his open can while watching his buddy preparing to splash.

As expected, handsy Pete took the opportunity to let go of his own cock long enough to reach under Doink’s ass, slapping his nuts to howls of laughter from the guys he was with. Doink barely noticed, the pleasure building in his cock was far too intense for him to care about such a minor distraction.

Callum could hear the wet slaps of the young man’s dick being furiously jerked, mixing with his labored breathing and the familiar murmurs from guys around the room. Manny and Malc leaned around either side of the near-naked guy to watch the delivery as Doink grunted loudly, grabbing his low nuts with his free hand and pausing just as the first shot of white splashed from his red tip, flying through the air to streak across the waxy material on the ground. The audible splat as his thick semen landing triggered a few cheers from other guys around the room as a second splash of semen jettisoned from his rubbing fist. Doink thrust his hips forward, trying to lengthen the distance of his third squirt, chuckling to himself as the gathered crowd variously mocked, cheered, laughed or just enjoyed the display. A fourth pump erupted from his dick as his left bicep bulged, his nuts gripped tight below his throbbing erection, finally halting his strokes to squeeze his cock and whip it toward the tarp, sending a splat of remaining cream to sling over the mess he’d delivered.


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