Frat Fap – The Strap – Part 2

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A lot of fraternity traditions have survived through the decades to be passed on to new arrivals, but some are more secretive than others.

Excerpt from Frat Fap – The Strap

They’d always been competitive with each other, giving each other dares or trying to just get one up on the other. Pranks around the house were usually between them, but we would all get caught in the crossfire from time to time when a bag of glitter was taped up above a door ready to rip open, or when Chris brought a friend’s pet snake into the house to scare his arch nemesis and it managed to find its way from Owen’s bed to Trent’s book bag.

The other guys seemed to enjoy the fact that they were competing again, hastily rubbing their cocks opposite each other, perhaps to be the first to shoot, but not even a basic aim had been stipulated.

I tugged on my full nuts to try to delay the growing pleasure a little more as I watched their semen crossing in the air, their spray of goo almost equal in force and power as they combined their efforts to douse the already marinated jock strap. Several pumps from both and the two had emptied their similar cocks, adding a few more milliliters of warm milky semen to the shrine.

They both seemed to think they’d won something, swaggering away with their boners bouncing in the air, smirks on their faces.

The basement always had a musty male smell to it just because the laundry was down there and guys had a habit of leaving their gym gear and cum-damp towels in baskets by the washer, but now it really stank of sweat and cum.

The air had filled with the smell we all knew pretty well from any locker room or shower on campus, or even from any of the bedrooms in the house. It was more pungent now, but not unpleasant. There was something so inherently masculine about it I wondered if there was a kind of primal thing happening our brains, perhaps the smell of other men’s semen signalling something to us that we didn’t understand.


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