Frat Fap – The Strap – Part 3

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A lot of fraternity traditions have survived through the decades to be passed on to new arrivals, but some are more secretive than others.

Excerpt from Frat Fap – The Strap

His wasn’t the biggest cock, probably average, between six and seven inches, but he knew how to handle it and it was obvious he was an experienced jacker. I watched his hand wetly slipping along his dick, giving it three pumps around the head, then easing back to the shaft for another two pumps before repeating the process.

All the guys seemed to have their own way of handling their cock, their own process and rhythm that they instinctively fell into the moment their hand was on their meat. My method was pretty basic, just wet and repetitive, but pausing now and then when I felt a spike of climax growing behind my balls.

I just stared him down and smirked at his ridiculous display as he crouched and locked his blue eyes on me, grinning like a loon while his cock glistened, the reddish pink helmet slipping back into his fist rhythmically on the up-stroke, his balls fat hairless, swinging slightly in their tight sack below.

He took his time. He was trying to intimidate me or mock me or something, I don’t know exactly, but it wasn’t working. I just found his performance to be funny.

All the guys in the room seemed to have the same attitude to him. Devon – still massaging his spent meat on the sidelines – called out “Stop showing off and just get on with it, bro” Owen echoed this sentiment, “Fuck, man, just do the deed already!”

I knew Owen had a date that night and he’d almost passed on being involved in the ritual in case he was gonna get laid, but a few of the other guys convinced him he could shoot off a load and then give his girlfriend a good fuck too.

Dixon, now crouched like a linebacker, slowed his rubbing and looked down to his bulging helmet as the first stream of watery semen exploded and launched far over the bucket toward me, splashing over the concrete almost four feet from the target.


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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.

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