2 friends meet by the stream to stroke, soon wanking each other regularly
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Friends wanking each other out in the fields

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Submitted by Anon in Germany

I first wanked with a close friend when I was 19. I was working on my family’s farm every day since I finished school and I would always take half an hour to myself in this little place at the edge of the woods where a stream came through our property. I had some adult magazines there and I would flick through them while stroking. It was in the mid 90’s and the internet and smart phones weren’t a thing so once a month I would drive into Dusseldorf and buy a new magazine for my collection.

I’d been masturbating there for about six months when my neighbour interrupted me. I knew that he used to fish in the stream where it was dammed further down but never really thought about him finding me.

I was in the middle of wanking when he coughed and made me jump. I panicked and stood up dropping my magazine and flashing my cock. He just laughed and bent down to pick up my magazine and while I was putting my cock away he flicked through it and said something about me having good taste.

He was older than me, probably in his early 30’s. I’d known him for years.

He told me he sometimes enjoyed a wank by the river too and how it felt good to ejaculate out in the open. I was just a nervous young man then so I said nothing when he unzipped his jeans and took out his large semi-hard cock. He asked if I minded if he joined me. I must have mumbled something but I don’t know what. For a few seconds he just stood there stroking his thick pink cock while I tried not to stare. I wasn’t sure what to do but he asked me if I was going to wank too. My cock was so hard in my jeans and I couldn’t stop looking at his big dick. So I got my cock out again and we both stood there wanking while he pointed out girls in the magazine and talked about them.


We ended up standing side by side looking through the magazine while we wanked ourselves. I didn’t know what edging was then but that’s what I was doing, I wanted to see him ejaculating and I was slowly playing with my cock trying to keep myself going so I didn’t finish before him.

It must have only been about five minutes but eventually he moved the magazine away from us and we watched his cock as his semen flew out of his helmet and my cock started spurting at the same time. We both stood there with our cocks in our hands firing cum and watching each others erection shooting it out all over the stones in front of us.

He handed me the magazine, wiped all the cum from his cock with fist and then rinsed his hands off in the stream, putting his thick dick away. He said “see you back here tomorrow?” and I just said “okay”.

We wanked together almost every day after that, for more than a year. It was great fun. I now know that he was probably bisexual. It was never something I thought about or expected, he was a very masculine man, extremely rugged and handsome. I just assumed he was heterosexual and had thousands of girls he could have been having sex with. I discovered a lot with him, his was the first cock I ever stroked, he was the first man to ever touch my erection, we made each other ejaculate probably a thousand times or more. Our daily wanks were a highlight of my otherwise boring life. He would bring porn magazines to our meetings, sometimes he would bring beer, often he would bring lube so we could rub our cocks together.

I never wanked with another guy after that. I met a girl and we moved in together. I got married and had kids. We moved to London in 2006. I still keep in touch with him and he’s still living on his family farm with his wife.

Since finding this site in January I decided that my wife and I will be going back to visit my parents in September. I sent my old wank friend an email last month suggesting I might go for a walk down by the stream one morning, and he replied within an hour saying he would join me.

I can’t explain how much I’m looking forward to it. It’s not just because I miss his cock and the experience of masturbating with him, he was a good friend too. I know he hasn’t changed much since then, and even though I have I’m sure we’ll be right back to wanking each other like old times.

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7 years ago

can’t wait for a followup post

7 years ago


7 years ago
Reply to  Victor


7 years ago

Incredibly horny story. Great detail. You were lucky to find one another!

Lee Stoddard
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing that hot story.
Glad you kept in touch and plan on getting together for a good ole time wank.
Can’t wait to hear.about it

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