From Cams To Jacking Each Other

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Submitted by Chris-51

I found BuddyBate right before the pandemic and really got into the idea of jacking it with other men. I never had the experiences other guys had with buddies in college or anything like that but I guess I got more curious about it all when I read the stories from other men. I always loved to jack it. Even now as a married man in my 50s I like to jack it almost every day.

I’m a very fit man for my age so I guess that keeps me boned up 🙂

I’ve jacked it in some unusual places. At work, in the woods, at the gym, bathroom stalls, in my car, in the back yard… I guess I was always a bator but just never had the thought that other men might be down to share it, until I found BuddyBate.

I read a post on here during the pandemic about ways guys could start finding other local dudes to bate with while events weren’t going down and I figured that was a good way to get started. I looked at personal posts, checked Reddit, and then I got onto some of the tube sites and found five local guys who seemed open to it.

I messaged all of them and two replied and said they were curious about jacking off with other guys and they were down to cam and see how things went.

A couple days later I was on cam with one of the guys and we just started talking about the porn we were into and then one thing led to another and we were showing each other our cocks and jacking while we talked about pussy and watched the same movie together.

It was awesome. We ended up edging for a couple hours that evening and when we finished we shot our loads together.

I did cam with the other guy too but he was into weird kinks that I wasn’t into and I dropped him.

We started regular cam meetings and we had a whole lot of fun stroking ourselves and showing off.

That carried on for more than a year and we became good buddies. We started texting each other. He’s 33 and married so he understands the need to be discreet and everything else, which is perfect for me. We had a lot in common and sometimes we would just talk about regular stuff.

When the pandemic ended we started talking about meeting up for real and trying some new things like hand jobs and frottage. We were both nervous about it but we were honest about it too and decided to just meet up as friends at one of the bars.

It was perfect. As soon as we met up we were talking like buddies who’d known each other for years. I guess we had but it wasn’t as weird as I think we both thought it would be. We didn’t even plan to go and bate that first meet up but after a couple beers we headed out to find a place to jack off.

We found a spot in a wooded area right by the bar and we got our cocks out and right away we were jacking each other and frotting our hard ones. I knew it would probably feel real good but it was awesome. His cock was so hard and he rubbed my meat perfectly. When we frotted our hard dicks together I was about ready to start splashing my nut.

We didn’t last long. I think we were jacking each other for a few minutes before we started shooting off. We pumped a couple big loads of spooge out and went back for another drink lol

So that’s how I got into jacking it with a buddy. I can’t believe I missed out on all this for so long. It’s awesome having a buddy I can share masturbation with. We try to meet up once a week. It’s always fun looking for new places to meet up and jack it and we’ve been talking about finding more buddies to join in and start a club. We both got BuddyBate pins and stickers and stuff so hopefully we’ll have a new dude to make it a circle eventually.

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