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Getting competitive with a buddy – Making each other cum!

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I’d jerked off with Dan a couple of times before, we’d started in college when a buddy decided to make our Poker nights more interesting with some dares. It was all innocent enough at the start, running through the dorm naked, then flashing someone outside, then getting hard and taking a pic to anonymously post on Twitter.

Things escalated a over a couple of months, eventually leading to the first jerk off contest.

There were six of us, all horny and not getting enough pussy. We’d seen each other naked and sometimes even hard before during other ridiculous dares, and everyone seemed to be pitching in to compete for the dirtiest dares too. I can’t remember who it was who started the contest, but everyone was up for it, and hard as a rock within minutes.

The first few times it was simple. It was always about who could cum first, or the furthest, or the most.

One of the most memorable was with five of us all competing to see who could shoot the most cum out. We all had a cup to spew our loads into after a good long session and the results were pretty interesting. Dan shot the most. He was a soccer playing, wrestling, all-around jock dude with an 8-inch dick and the biggest balls of all of us – physically and metaphorically. He was the one who usually beat everyone else in everything he ever did, and shooting cum was no exception.

He won the distance contests most of the time too. I could get about two feet of distance, then he would laugh and start squirting his load out all over the floor in front of us, reaching four feet or more sometimes.

Things went on like this for a while until me and Dan started jerking off without the other lads. That started when we had one game night where everyone else was busy. It was entirely accidental, but we ended up alone, horny as usual, and it wasn’t long before we’d decided to abandon playing cards at all and just get online to watch some porn.

We still had a good long jerk off and competed to see who could shoot the most.

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After that me and Dan would get together in my room or his late at night and just rub out some loads watching porn. We just fell into jerking off together, and it was a lot of fun.

Then things really got interesting.

One night, with dicks out and throbbing while we watched a chick getting banged by three guys, we decided to see who could last the longest before cumming. Things were going well and I was sure I would win it. I could stroke my cock for more than an hour before the urge to cum was too much, but it had been a long time since I had.

Dan started playing dirty, getting verbal and talking about the girls he’d fucked. It was so horny listening to him talking, but I think his own cock was getting closer to spewing the more he talked. He started telling me how good it would feel to start shooting cum, how my cock would throb and how my dick was already dripping with the need to unload.

I was defiant. I could tell his big dick was closer to unloading than mine was. His heavy balls were pulling up close and he was slowing down.

I got a little argumentative when I noticed he’d stopped stroking his cock and was just holding his length by the root, he was too close and I knew it. I tried to make new rules, that we both had to keep moving our hands on our dicks no matter what, no pausing.

Then it happened, he got so determined to win he reached out and grabbed my dick giggling “I’ll fucking make you nut you asshole!”

The feel of his hand on my cock head was way too much by this point. My dick was so sensitive after so much stroking!

I yelped and laughed but I was pissed, I reached out and grabbed his cock, thick and solid in my grip.

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Instantly my dick went into spasm, my cum was flooding out of my helmet just as I felt warmth splashing all over my hand. We’d done it, we actually made each other cum with one stroke, our fists tight on each others dicks as they squirted and squirted jets of powerful semen out into our hands!

We let go, slightly grossed out momentarily but panting through a mixture of laughing and groaning as we watched each other’s cocks pumping out jet after jet of cum on the towel in front of us. It was massive, so much semen was spewing out of our dicks, leaping in arcs and splatting down all over the material between us.

Both of us were unloading in unison for what seemed like minutes, but must have been only seconds. Our hands by our sides as we watched each other uncontrollably squirting white, our fingers dripping with each other’s initial spurts of juice.

It’s a good thing we were both kneeling. After our cocks pumped the last of our loads out and we squeezed our dicks to drain the last drips of splooge from our helmets, flicking our hands into the towel, we were weak and drained.

It was the most intense experience I’d ever had jerking off, up until that point.

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Our card games continued for months after that, with more group strokes and cum shots, but every week me and Dan would meet up again in private to watch porn and make each other cum the biggest loads of our lives.


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college bud
college bud
6 years ago

great experience dude, its hot to feel your bud cum for sure

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