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Submitted by KLG

Been a reader of the blog for a couple of years and finally got the balls to start planning for a real-time wank meet with another guy.

I’m 36 and straight but had a few wanks with a mate in my 20s. Didn’t think about it as a big deal at the time. It started with a threesome with a girl he was fucking. We didn’t do anything with each other then but once we did that it was easy for us to chill out watching porn and enjoying some wanks. We only wanked together about ten times but it was fun. I just saw it as mates enjoying some porn and rubbing one out. No big deal.

I don’t know how I found this community I think I clicked here from Tumblr or something but I started reading the posts from other guys and a lot of them sounded like me. Just regular guys who enjoy a good wank and aren’t shy about sharing it. I started thinking about those wanks with my mate and I guess I miss being able to enjoy that like we did.

At the start it was mostly about the friendship. I like the idea of having the kind of friend where we can work out and have a wank after, or mates I can go to the pub with and go back to my place and watch porn.

When you started the Patreon I joined it and I’ve enjoyed all the stories. I think I’ve changed a bit over time because now I hope I can find a mate into helping each other out. Don’t get me wrong I’ll be happy to find one mate who’s cool with stroking our own but it would be interesting to see what it feels like to handle another guy’s cock, just once. If I like it I’ll carry on, if not then side-by-side wanks are cool too. I think it would be pretty good to play with a different dick to my own.

I’ve never been a prude about stuff. I’m good-looking, have a girlfriend, pretty fit, nice cock (I think), I’m not the kind of guy who hides my junk when I’m at the gym or around friends. I’ve always been open about sexuality too. When I was 19 I kissed a gay friend just to see what it was like. It was okay, just not for me.

I think I’m open-minded enough to explore this more and find a buddy so I’ve ordered BuddyBate buttons, stickers and a pin. I remember something about t-shirts a long time ago but can’t find them anywhere. It would be good to have one I can wear to the gym with the BuddyBate logo on it.

Really curious to see if any of my mates recognize the logo. Some of them are open-minded like me and pretty chilled out about stuff so I’m wondering if any of them already have buttons etc.

Can’t wait until this shitty virus is over and done with and I can get out there and start looking properly.


Thanks for your submission and for being a member of our Patreon! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the stories there.

Your experience is familiar to me. We have members of this community all around the world, gay guys, straight, curious, or men just really relaxed about sharing their masturbation with other guys. A lot of men just see masturbation as a way to enjoy their friendship with male friends.

Regardless of whether you find a buddy to just enjoy porn and open masturbation with, a friend who likes to help each other out, or even a group of local guys to meet up with for friendly fun, I’m certain you’ll have a good time.

In all the years of this community’s existence I have never once read a single experience from a guy saying he regretted exploring this with other men.

As for the t-shirts, it is something we’ve been working on for a while but the costs need to be worked out and we need to find a way to confirm how many we need before we start production. We might be looking at this again in the next few months so I hope you’ll join the newsletter for future announcements.

I hope you’ll also let us know in the future how it goes 🙂

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I'm Brad, and I'm an avid masturbator. I'm the primary author here at BuddyBate, publishing the experiences of readers, adding fiction content submitted by visitors and sharing some of the best masturbation porn available.


One thought on “Getting ready to find a proper bate buddy

  • May 17, 2020 at 11:27 pm

    Hi mate! Thanks for writing. I like your story, very genuine and human I would say. I feel you are a honest person for being who you are.. good stuff bro. Hit me up if you want to chat, pretty much same type of guy.. cheers


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