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Good Mate Wanks With Martin

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Submitted by Anonymous

New visitor here and been loving all the wank stories.

Read a story in Book of Bate 2 and felt the need to send my experience.

I’m 42 and he’s 48. He’s married. I’m single.

Been enjoying some good mate wanks for 3 years with him. I started going on runs with my neighbour Martin. We go 3 mornings a week. When we started they were just 30 minutes around the woods but then we decided to go for a longer run on a weekend.

We got in the car and drove out of town and had a route planned that was gonna take us a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun but after the first hour it was mostly just a hike. lol

I stopped to take a piss and Martin stopped with me and we both just got our dicks out and pissed.

I always liked dicks. I’ve identified as bi for a long time but only when it comes to cock. Not interested in fucking. Wanking and sucking is basically all I’m into when it comes to guys.

We were trying to piss as far as we could and just laughing but I was getting hard and I didn’t want to put my cock away when it looked like he was getting hard too. We were both semi hard and he said we could have a wank before carrying on!

I don’t have a big cock. It’s about 6 inches. His was longer and thicker and I really liked the look of it. We just started wanking and we were talking about how much we wank and some of the fun we’ve had.

One thing about me is I can really cum. If I’m really horny I can squirt it far and shoot a lot. Seeing him wanking his cock right next to me and knowing he was watching my dick really got me there quickly.

I think it was only about 3 minutes but then I was finishing and my jizz was shooting out like piss. He started cumming at the same time and we watched it shooting through the air. He was really impressed with my cum shot and made some jokes about it but he shot a thick load too and it splashed a couple of feet out.

After that we started wanking all the time. Every run we go on we either find somewhere to wank one out or we go to my house or his if his wife isn’t thee and we watch porn and wank.

Most of the time it’s just 5-10 minute wanks but we started to have longer wanks last year at my place.

I’ve had good mate wanks with friends before but it was always just when the opportunity was there. This time it’s a really big part of our friendship. The way some other guys go to the pub or something we get naked and wank off.

We don’t wank each other or anything like that. I think he just likes showing off and watching. It’s a very manly and bromo thing and I love it. I would wank and suck him if he wanted but just wanking with each other is good for me.

I’ll be reading all the posts here for the next few months. Never knew this community existed but so happy I stumbled into it!

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1 month ago

This is what it’s like with me and my wank mate. Not a big deal just two guys enjoying their cocks and shooting some loads off.

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