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Got back into jacking it with bros, it’s awesome

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Submitted by Leigh

I had a few experiences with a buddy in college but it was just jacking off to porn. I guess a lot of guys do that. Seems like it. I didn’t think about it often but now and again I’d see a post or something and wonder how it would be to have a real bate buddy I could jack it with. When I found your blog and started reading about other dudes enjoying their bate with each other I got more curious.

I’m a realist so I know that just asking a buddy about it would be awkward and probably not lead to anything but embarrassment. I have a few friends I think might be down to watch porn and jack it if the circumstances are right but I didn’t want to try anything with any of them so I started thinking about meeting up with other guys online. I even thought about trying Grindr but just like other guys have said I thought most of those guys would want more than just a jack off session.

I got BuddyBate buttons and stickers and I’d been wearing a pin on my ball cap for a couple weeks when a guy at the bar saw it. I was nervous about it but he seemed pretty cool and we talked about things. He was inexperienced too and that made it easier. He’s older than me and had a few experiences with guys in the military but I think it was just threesomes and guys jacking it to porn like I did with my college buddy.

We watched porn and jacked off together that night. It was easier than I expected. We watched each other cum. A couple days later we met up again and this time I asked him if I could see what it felt like to stroke his dick. He was down for that and we stroked each other. We didn’t last too long but it was awesome feeling another man’s cock in my hand for the first time and he knew how to stroke mine for me. It was definitely weird feeling another guy’s cum on my hand but by that time I was cumming too. I think that part takes a bit of getting used to.

We’ve met up a few times and it’s always a great time. We’re into frotting now and we’ve started edging and seeing how long we can last. We do other stuff too like watching movies, working out and hanging out at the beach but I have to admit most of the time when we get together it involves at least one jack off.

He’s a real good guy and I think we’re gonna be buddies for a while. It’s strange thinking about those days with my college buddy and I sometimes wonder if he’s here reading these posts and jacking it with buddies too. I never thought about that back then but now I look back at it I can totally imagine he’s in a big circle jerk right now 🙂

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4 years ago

thanks of sharing man. I’ve had similar experiences where I’ve jerked a bud off too, and I agree, dudes just know how to jerk off a cock real well, LOL. its a chill to share that intimate moment of release with a bud as well.

4 years ago

I too have had similar experiences with college buddies and in threesomes with my friend and gf but none since I moved to Ottawa many years ago. Thanks for the story my friend. It makes me eager to return to those experiences.

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