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Gym Bro Bate Bud – Part 2

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EDITORS NOTE: As this experience is quite long I’ve split it into two parts. Part 1 can be found by clicking here.

Submitted by KiloKris

We did this for another two months. We were jacking off together a couple times a week and still sending each other porn whenever we felt the urge.

I was probably hornier for it than I had been since college lol

It became totally easy and normal for us. Whenever we went to the gym we would go back to his place after and spend a while watching porn and playing. Sometimes it was only ten minutes, other times we could get into a porn rabbit hole and be stroking our dicks for more than an hour.

We almost always shot off together.

Then one day we watched a trans video. To be clear I was just happy to have a buddy I could openly share my masturbation with and it was awesome watching porn and freely jacking our cocks. I didn’t expect us to jack each other.

Steve told me he watched a couple of trans videos before and I admitted the same thing. To be honest I really got into trans porn because of all the cocks and it was like getting the best of both but I didn’t tell Steve that lol

So he put a trans video on and there was a moment when the big guy fucking this trans girl reached around and started jacking her off.

Steve asked me if I would do that if I was fucking a trans girl and I said I didn’t know. He said he would do it.

We were still watching and stroking our cocks on his couch and then he asked me if I ever wondered what that would feel like. I asked him if he meant jacking another cock and he said yes.

I said I thought it would feel the same as jacking your own.

He said “do you want to try it?”

I promise I never thought we would go that far. Up until that moment we had been real open about enjoying our cocks together but it was all just comparing and talking while we looked at each other’s dicks and stuff like that.

I laughed about it and joked he could jack mine if he wanted. I guess I was still playing games and I wanted him to make that move but i definitely wanted to feel his cock in my hand.

He reached over and offered his hand and I let go of my dick.

When he put his hand around my cock I was ready to nutt. I watched him jacking me for a few seconds and then I reached over and took his cock in my hand and started slowly jacking him off.

He said “feels okay” and I agreed.

We only lasted a few minutes and then I was ready to finish. I told him I was close and he let go of my cock and let me take over. I let go of his and he grabbed his dick and moved forward.

We weren’t ready with Kleenex so we shot off over the floor.

I was shooting it off at the same time and we made a massive fucking mess all over the floor. We aimed our dicks out from the edge of the couch and just squirted it.

We laughed about it and milked our dicks and we didn’t admit that we made each other cum but we both knew it. Feeling his hard and hot muscle in my hand really made it all a lot more intense than it had been and I knew he felt the same about it.

After that we watched a lot of trans porn and we started jacking each other a lot more. Then we watched one video with frotting and we decided to try that.

We’ve been bate buds ever since and we meet up two times a week to work out and then go back to his place and watch porn and jack each other off. It’s the best friendship I ever had.

We’ve agreed that sucking is off the table but we’re into rubbing dicks and edging. We’ve fucked toys together and cum on each other’s cocks.

Thank you for opening my eyes to this awesome world of bators. It’s amazing having a buddy like Steve I can share it all with.

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Nick CGC
Nick CGC
1 month ago

Hot…though never say never about sucking cock!

Aussie Jay
Aussie Jay
26 days ago
Reply to  Nick CGC

Hey Nick, I need a friend like you I think hahahaha

Josh N
Josh N
1 month ago

Need a friend like this!

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