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Gym Shower Jerk Bud

Submitted by Josh

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Thought I would share another experience with a jerk off bud. I’m straight and have a girlfriend, but once and awhile I have jerked with a bud to some porn. I’m 28 now, but this experience was from college when I was 21.

I attended a college with a pretty big recreation center and gym. I’d go there for free as a student and would work out often, mostly running the indoor track or swimming. I am a runner and like to keep in shape even now. Well, after workouts and running, sometimes I would hang out and relax in the hot tubs that were in the locker room area. There was a joint, co-ed area, in between locker rooms which contained a sauna and hot tub spas.

At that particular time, it was summer semester and not many folks were on campus. But I was in the one hot tub relaxing after a workout session and after a minute was joined by another guy who sat across from me. We exchanged generic greetings “hey man” or something similar and proceeded to just chill for awhile. The guy was good looking for a dude, tan, and strong muscle definition, and was also 20 or 21. I remembered him earlier from the gym and knew he had a girlfriend because I’ve seen them before when they worked out together with the free weights. But I had never talked to him before. We made small talk about sports and stuff.

After about 15 mins the water can feel too hot in a spa, so you can kind of get out and sit on the edge or a few minutes before getting back in. He did this. I glanced over at him sitting on the edge and immediately noticed the fabric of his swim trunks sticking to him and saw the shape and bulge of a good sized soft hanging dick. I wear similar type of swim trunks that have thin fabric and stick to the body, especially after immediately getting out of water. I took a mental picture and wondered what his dick looked like. I am pretty sure he noticed the shape of my dick when I stood up and left to go to the showers. While I don’t go around looking for buds to jerk with, this seemed like it might be a good opportunity.

I walk down to the shower room, strip off my trunks and start soaping up. He shows up shortly after and does the same. We were in the showers together on this quiet summer afternoon at the campus rec center and just the thought of jerking with this dude gave me a semi. I’m seven inches with a cut dick with a well defined cock ridge, and nice low hanging balls that usually give me compliments from the girls I fuck as they bounce against their pussies. And after being in the hot tub, my cock and balls were warm and loose.

I looked over at my bud a few showers down the wall (it was a straight wall of 10 showers, separated from the locker room by another long wall opposite the shower heads) and he also had a nice shaved balls swinging in a loose sack below a cut cock and pink head that was also in a semi-hard state. I imagined watching him fully hard and fucking his girlfriend with that dick. I definitely got the vibe that he was glancing over and looking at me, perhaps comparing. I did not yet have the courage to say something that might move things forward more quickly, so we both stole glances as we soaped up our cocks in front each other. At first we pretended that we were washing up, but then it turned to open jerking. We took our time stroking our cocks in front of each other, and were both rock hard within a minute. You could feel the bate tension in the air as we deliberately played with our cocks, stroking their full length, pulling them down and letting them bounce up and slap our abs as our heavy cum-filled balls jiggled below.

There was the risk of someone else catching us, but we would have at least heard the locker room door open which would have given us plenty of time to grab a towel. I can only imagine what our girlfriends would have been thinking if they saw us. After about 3 minutes it was clear that we were not going to last much longer, we both were needing release. I heard him say under his breath, “fuck” as he was getting close. We finally let ourselves go and both let loose. I watched his dick root pulse as it shot his thick cum into the air and onto the shower floor. I also felt the amazing feeling of letting loose a huge load in front of him. We both shot several volleys on to the floor as we stood in front of each other. “Nice man” he said before we cleaned off and went our separate ways. I wished now I had said something to maybe make this happen again, or hang out and watch porn, but alas it was a one time event.

Buddy bating is truly an amazing thing to do with a bud and this is ultimate male bonding. Each guy is trusting the other dude to see his most vulnerable moment, hard, leaking, and finally shooting cum in front of another dude. This was one of the first experiences I had with a jerk bud, so it took me awhile to process what had happened. I have jerked to this experience in my mind many times since. What a great workout.

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4 thoughts on “Gym Shower Jerk Bud

  • June 15, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    Thanks Joe, for relating such a great and memorable experience! Seizing the opportunity, at the right time & place, and pushing oneself through the nervousness usually brings a great experience; Yours certainly did. So glad you told us about it!

  • June 27, 2018 at 7:21 am

    One of my first buddy wank experiences was in a gym shower, and it happened almost like that. Thanks for sharing!

  • July 11, 2018 at 3:40 am

    “Buddy bating is truly an amazing thing to do with a bud and this is ultimate male bonding. Each guy is trusting the other dude to see his most vulnerable moment” — That is exactly what gets me worked up about bating with a buddy. Or even with a total stranger! Two men who don’t know each other instantly understanding what the other is feeling – a connection you can’t break. Though you may never see each other again, in that moment you feel a camaraderie out of being the same.

  • August 6, 2018 at 11:53 am

    this is so hot! seen my mates cock hard at the gym once and seen loads of other guys with semis and stiffs some of them wanking off and trying to hide it. one guy is fucking hot with a big cock and loads of muscle. thought about rubbing his cock against mine loads of times. i think he’s seen me wanking off at least once and i think he got hard looking at my dick but i’m too scared to say anything or show off properly. want to wank with a guy so bad!


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