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Happy New Year! Do you have your resolutions sorted out?

Happy New Year guys! I hope you’ve all enjoyed yourselves a little too much last night. I did, and now I have the hangover horn and need to shoot a couple of loads today 🙂

So, the big thing I need to talk about is new year resolutions, but not the boring shit like exercising more or drinking less coffee, I’m talking about cock related resolutions.

I have a list that I thought I would share with you guys today, and maybe you could share some of yours in the comments. If you haven’t made any wank resolutions then maybe have a think about it and commit to one, share it with us all in the comments!

Find at least 5 new wank mates in 2016

I have a couple of guys I regularly stroke with and had a lot of great sessions in 2015, but I kind of gave up on seeking out new dudes to share a bate session with. There are thousands of guys out there looking to just kick back with some porn and a mate and stroke out some loads together, so I’ve committed myself to finding at least 5 new dudes for shared wanks this year.

Try a new toy every month

It’s no secret that I love my toys, but after looking through the ones I haven’t used for a few months and throwing the really old ones away I need to stock up and try some new wank toys. I’ve been seeing a lot of great new ones out there and not really tried many of them in 2015, so this year I’m committing to buying a new one every month, even if it’s just a £10 sleeve.

Edge more

I’ve talked about edging quite a lot on the blog before but I admit that I don’t do it as often as I would like to. You guys know how hard it is to stop yourself from splashing out and keep the bate going, and too many times I just let it go. I’ve made the decision to try harder and edge a lot more from now on.

Wank in new places

In my last job I had the opportunity to stroke out a load in some interesting places, but after a change in career I don’t really do that any more. So, for 2016, I plan to explore my city and see if I can find some new places to stroke my cock. It’s a little risky, but I miss getting my dick out and shooting a load in the trees on the way back from the pub at 1am, or enjoying a crafty wank in the mens room of a restaurant 🙂

So that’s about it for me, but this should all keep me busy in 2016. Feel like sharing a new cock-related resolution with the rest of us? Leave a comment and tell is what you plan to change for this year.

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One thought on “Happy New Year! Do you have your resolutions sorted out?

  • January 14, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    I set myself one goal: to wank with at least one guy this year. Pretty simple but finding that one guy is a challenge.


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