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He offered to let me try his Fleshlight

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Submitted by Turgid8

I’ve never jacked with another dude but been thinking about it a lot since I found this site. The closest I’ve come to jacking it with a guy was a roommate a couple years ago. I’m stupid for not realizing it when it happened but I don’t think I would have done it then like I would now.

I read another post about a dude fucking his stepbrother’s Fleshlight and it was hot so I thought you might want to hear my similar story.

I got my cock wet with lube and slid my tip between the lips. It was cold but it felt nice. I pushed in some more and the nubs inside tickled my helmet. It felt awesome!

We were sharing a small apartment and although we had a lot of things in common (football, gym, a few shared friends etc) we weren’t good buddies. He was an asshole who was always cheating on his girlfriend and expecting me to lie for him. I don’t know how many times I caught him fucking a girl on the couch or in the shower but it happened a lot. After a few months I’d probably seen him balls-deep in pussy twenty times. I was single and not really looking but I was hooking up occasionally.

A few other guys here have talked about roommates being exhibitionists and that kind of thing and he was like that. I was always polite about things and never left my room without at least putting on some shorts but he didn’t care and used to walk around totally naked. I guess catching him fucking was weird enough but he would sometimes stop in the kitchen for a full conversation with his cock stiff and pointing up at me.



I can’t remember exactly how it all happened but one morning he was telling me about this girl he had in his room, his cock was hard again. He was telling me about maybe going on a double date with her sister or cousin or someone and I wasn’t biting. Then he said he had a Fleshlight I could use if I was ever desperate. I thought it was a joke but he said it was in the back of his closet if I wanted to borrow it. He said something about making sure I clean it out because he didn’t want sloppy seconds.

It was so fucking weird to have a guy offer something like that and I told him he was a freak and he should get back to his new friend.

I guess about week passed and I came back from the gym super horny. I was gonna just go jerk off but then I remembered the Fleshlight. I was pissed at him about something too so maybe that was part of it. I knew he was at work so I went into his room and found the Fleshlight in the closet. It wasn’t the only thing he had. I found a couple of cock rings, a vibrator, handcuffs, some old magazines, a couple DVDs and big bottle of lube.

I didn’t really think about it, I was so hard and horny and I just needed to get off. I took out one of the magazines and opened it up on his bed to a threesome shoot with a chick getting DP’d, dropped my sweat pants and pumped some of the lube out. I unscrewed the cap of the Fleshlight and saw the pussy opening for the first time, sliding a finger in and feeling the bumps and ribs. I got my cock wet with lube and slid my tip between the lips. It was cold but it felt nice. I pushed in some more and the nubs inside tickled my helmet. It felt awesome! It was tickling up and down my shaft and around my tip and the sucking inside it was trying to pull the cum out of me. After a few humps with the toy I could feel my balls tingling and that creeping cum shot rising up. I thought about his cock sliding in and out of it and smiled knowing that it had never had a cock my size in it before. He had probably 6 inches but I’m almost 8 and pretty thick too. It was an added little thrill knowing that I was stretching out his Fleshlight like that.

When I could feel my cock getting ready to shoot I realized I didn’t have anywhere to unload so I quickly grabbed the first thing I could find on the floor. I pulled my cock out and gave it a couple quick pumps in my hand and then I was squirting my cum out over a pair of his shorts. I didn’t plan to do that and I could have just shot off inside it, I was gonna clean it out anyway but I’d never used one before so I didn’t really think about it. I always used to cum on my shorts or a sock or something when I was jacking off so it was just automatic for me.

There was a lot of it. I can cum a lot anyway but I really soaked his shorts and got a couple squirts over his sheets too. It was probably a three day load I shot off that afternoon. It was a messy room so he probably wouldn’t have noticed my cum splash over his bed.

After that I cleaned out the Fleshlight and dried it off before putting it all back in his closet. I hid his wet shorts under his bed and just hoped they dried out before he found them. He never said anything about it so I guess he just never knew.

I fucked his Fleshlight a few more times but got my own after a couple weeks.

Back then it was just something weird I did but since I started thinking about it more and reading the posts here I guess I got a thrill out of knowing his cock had been inside it too. I’m hard now thinking about what it would have been like to share the toy and both cum inside it. I never had any experience jacking off with another dude but I think he would have been down. He was just that kind of shameless dude. I do kick myself for not at least being more open about things and seeing where it went.

Hopefully I’ll have my first proper mutual bate experience to share one day. I want to start off just watching porn with a buddy and seeing what it’s like but I do think about what another cock would feel like in my hand.


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4 years ago

I’ve never tried a fleshlight but I like using sleeves with wank mates. One of my friends has got a few long open ended sleeves we can frot our cocks inside and it’s always a lot of fun.

4 years ago

I have to tell you, your story was very erotic. I too enjoy using my fleshlight and my fleshlight mini cock sleeve. Next time try using it in front of either a male or a female. Being watched stroking oneself with a fleshlight and being watched is such a turn on.

4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

I don’t have any toys yet but I think I might get a sleeve to try out. Any recommendations? Fleshlights are too expensive for me but a good sleeve might be fun.

4 years ago

I love my fleshlight. Shared it with a bud a few times and I got him to cum inside it so it would feel like I was fucking a cream pie pussy. He said he might do it too but he hasn’t yet.

4 years ago

when people ask what you would take to a deserted island i always answer my fleshlight lol.

2 years ago

It was exciting reading your story. Def got me hard and eager. The thought of tag teaming a fleshy is just blowing my mind and having a friend use it on me is even fucking hotter. Thanks for submitting . I’m gonna read Batemans gully

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