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Submitted by Troy

One of my first experiences with a buddy.

I was in college, it was homecoming weekend. As you can imagine the bars were packed with fellow students and alumni celebrating the annual tradition. At my school the bars open early before the football game and attract more people than the stadium.

I was with a group of friends and a few people I didn’t know too well. We made our way into a crowded bar, it was packed. Barely any room to move, it was shoulder to shoulder. When Brandt pressed up against me from behind I didn’t think much of it. We drank, yelled amongst our group, it was too loud to have any kind of conversation and too packed to really be able to see anything but the faces directly in front of you. It was a cool crisp fall day, we were having a blast.

After a bit of Brandt being pressed up against me, I felt his arms wrap around my waist. We were all buzzed, so I just went with it. At first I figured it was to keep from being trampled in the crowd. But it quickly became more. Slowly his hands started making their way down, first just at the top of my jeans, then under my waistband. He lingered there for a moment. I was astonished but I was turned on. The public nature of it made me hard. The idea that one of my buddies was putting his hands near my cock surprised and excited me.

His hands made their way under my waistband and onto my cock. By this time I was rock hard. I pressed back against him more, letting him know I was into it. He started stroking me, I could feel his hard dick pressed against my ass. He jerked my cock faster. I could feel his breath on my neck and hear him breathing a bit harder. He kept going, I could barely keep still. I wanted to turn around but knew I couldn’t. He stroked harder until I came right there in my boxers, in a crowd of my friends, in a bar full of people. It was so hot.

After, Brandt removed his hands from my pants and wiped his sticky hands on his jeans. Shortly after, we went to the bar to get another round of drinks, as we made our way towards the bartender, me with a wet cum spot on the front of my pants, His jeans with the slight outline of his handprints, I smacked Brandt’s ass. We both laughed. He gave me a wink.

We spent the rest of the day drinking, laughing, and having fun, a little flirtatious. That’s about the best fall day I can remember. Every homecoming I think of Brandt’s hands in my pants. We never talked about it or did anything like it again. I wish we would have. We could have had a lot of fun. So, next time you have a chance why not help a buddy out?

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7 months ago

Too bad u didn’t continue having fun with him

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