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Hot In The Forest

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Submitted by John Smith

I have a regular wank buddy that I normally invite around to my place to enjoy some horny cock fun with.

It’s great and we always have a fun time.

But 2 weeks ago we had a wonderful spell of warm weather and the night was still and amazingly warm. I couldn’t sleep because of the heat and I was horny as hell. For some reason, warm weather always does that to me.

It must have been about midnight when I saw my wank buddy come online via Skype. So we got to chatting and making each other rock hard and horny. We decided to head down to our local forest that borders the beach. We’ve been there once before during the day and enjoyed a wank session deep in the tree line.

So I met him down there around 1am and we went for a walk. We found a nice trail that went towards the beach and soon we were walking on sand. So I removed my shoes to make it easier to walk. All the time we were chatting and getting turned on. He removed his shirt and was walking bare chested. I was so hard in my track pants by now.

We took another side trail and soon came to a small clearing upon a little rise. It had a 360 view of the area and had a couple of stumps and bushy areas. We quickly got naked and stood together in the hot night air, cocks rock hard and simply enjoyed the wonderful sensations of being naked outdoors. The warm breeze washed over us and soon we were just loving the fact that we could walk around this little clearing stroking our cocks with the freedom that we wouldn’t have been able to do during the day.

We took turns as stroking each other. Our cocks are roughly the same length, but I am slightly thicker around the girth. We both love to shave our balls and I enjoy when he fondles them. After a few minutes of mutual masturbation he surprised me by saying that the situation had made him so horny that he would like to suck my cock.

I said that was fine and soon he was on his knees in front of me taking my leaking cock into his eager and willing mouth. He gently took his time exploring, licking and sucking. I stood there hands on hips, looking around at the forest in the night air. It was wonderful.

We spent the next hour just wanking and sucking each other, stopping when we got to the edge and backing off. Simply enjoying the pleasure of being naked together in the hot night. We decided it was time to cum, so we stood at the top of the rise where a large stump was situated and we stood on it facing each other. We took our hard cocks and pressed them together and wrapped our hands around them. Wanking them as one we moaned and grunted, and soon we were both spurting our loads, coating each other and our cocks in hot, warm cum.

My knees actually gave way as the orgasm was that powerful. I was amazed at how hard we both shot our loads. We both had cum all over our stomachs and cocks. But we just left it there to dry in the warm night air. We picked up our clothes and started walking back to the carpark. We stayed naked until we got about halfway there. By that time the semen had dried and we put on our clothes and got to our cars.

I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I did writing it. Now I am rock hard and need to wank haha.

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3 years ago

Hot story… I had a few beach and woods wanks myself. Its so liberating

3 years ago

Loved your story. My 1st experience with stroking myself with another male in the woods was awesome. I was actually sunning myself in a secluded spot, in the woods, wearing only a black lace thong, and watching some porn videos on my cell phone and I got really turned on and lubed up myself and slowly start stroking myself, I kinda knew that I might get caught and I really didn’t care. Well while I was stroking myself, I got surprised by an older male who asked to join me and watch me stroking myself and as we were talking, he took out his very beautiful long hard fully cut cock and started stroking himself. And we both watched each other stroking ourselves. And he just reached over and started stroking me. It felt amazing, and I was sure that we were both being watched and we both didn’t care. I had a nice big explosion in his hands and he had a nice big explosion in his hands.
It was an awesome experience

5 months ago
Reply to  Paul

Very HOT story!

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