Hung And Uncut Timarrie Shoots A Big Load

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Video title: 10″ Uncut Timarrie is Back! Proudly Out Muscle Jock Porn Star Pumps Iron, Pees x2, Flexes, Poses and Busts a Big Load!

Source: IslandStuds

IslandStuds Site review

Maybe I’m way off base here but I’ve always had the opinion that when a dude has a massive cock like this dude does he’s like 90% more likely to be down to haul it out and show it off to other guys, and share some good bate sessions. Like I said, I could be wrong, but I just get the impression super hung dudes like it when other dudes see their cock and they’re more open about jacking it with buddies.

Timarrie is definitely down to get that 10″ uncut dick out and share some bating with you, he’s shamelessly into dudes already and if he gets the chance to rub cocks with other horny bators he’s gonna take it!

This isn’t his first time showing off that awesome cock at IslandStuds. He’s been in two videos before this one, and it seems he had such a good time showing off he’s back to deliver another show.

And what a show we get!

He’s soon naked in the sun and swinging that awesome cock around, showing off his body while he does a little work and pisses a couple of times.

No doubt all of that is pretty fun, but we also get to hear about some of his experiences, which are horny.

The real fun arrives when he’s allowed to grab that long meat and properly jack himself, kicking back in the sun and rubbing up that huge dong, making his foreskin slip over his helmet and making his balls bounce, until he can’t stop his hot milky cum load from gushing out of his helmet in a very satisfying finish.

If you’re not wondering what it would be like to grab that cock and stroke it for him then there has to be something wrong with you. lol

Click here and see him gushing that load out of his big dick! I hope we get to see him back again, it would be awesome to watch him jacking it with one of their straight models, I wonder what hung Veteran Dorian would do if he had this big dick to stroke?

Run time: 31:00

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: IslandStuds

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