I can’t wait to get back to work and start hooking up again

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Submitted by HairyJock

Thanks to all the readers who took part in the poll about your wanking habits last month. It was interesting stuff!

As I said then I’ve finally started meeting up with one of my wank mates for outdoor strokes and it’s been okay. It’s been better than expected and we’ve made the most of it just watching each other playing with our cocks and firing some loads off.

The only problem is that it’s really got me wanting to get back to work. My job is in fitness so I’m at the gym and around horny guys all the time. Although I’m into dudes and do it all I’m really into jacking off with guys and there’s a lot of men at the gym who like to show off, perform and watch another guy wanking it or frotting dicks and lending a hand.

I never really thought about it much before Covid but I don’t go clubbing much or online hook ups so most of my action is with guys I met through work, either guys I work with or customers who give that cruisy vibe. Of course we’re not supposed to hook up with customers but my boss doesn’t really care about all that stuff as long as we’re doing okay with the numbers.

I really miss my job. I miss seeing the guys with their dicks bouncing around in their shorts, I miss catching the guys who take selfies naked in the locker room with their dick bouncing up, I miss the men who stick around until the end of the day and leave their curtains open while they wank and watch the guys across from them, I miss the dudes who notice my BuddyBate button and want to meet up for a frotting session at the end of my shift, I miss the occasional guy caught wanking it in the steam room, I miss the guys who reach out and give another cock some tugs in the changing room when they think no one is watching, I miss going for a piss and finding a guy stroking his hard one at the urinals looking for a guy to grab it and help out… I miss all of it and I can’t wait to get back there and start enjoying all that dick again!

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