I Caught My GF’s Roommate Jerking

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Submitted by Josh

I’ve shared a couple other stories so far on this site, and here is another that occurred with an ex-gf’s male roommate about 3 years after I got out of college. The girl I was seeing at the time had been living with two other people, one male and the other female, though the female was hardly ever around as she basically lived with her BF.

My GF worked evening hours and I was working daytime hours, so sometimes I would stop by her apartment a few hours before she got off work and chill in her room. Well one day, I was taking a nap in her room and Jon, her roommate came home apparently while I was asleep with the door closed. But when I woke up, went to walk to the kitchen down the hall, I heard the distinct sound of porn.

I snuck down the hallway and saw Jon laying on the couch with just a shirt on, jeans down to his feet, stroking his hard dick. My angle of him was behind as the couch was the barrier between the living room and dining room/kitchen. I had a clear view of his dick, about 7 inches, cut and shaved balls with trimmed pubes above. He was athletic and had a gf of his own, and I imagined what it would be like to watch his gf’s pussy slide up and down on his cock.


His loose balls jiggled in their smooth sack. Immediately I felt a stirring and began to get hard myself, but I didn’t move as I was actually kind of frozen not sure what to do. Either go back down hallway or walk in on him and play it off. I decided with the latter as I had the upper hand. He was the one who was caught. Either he would run off, or I could make the situation comfortable and maneuver a shared jerk off. My gf was not to be home for another 2 hours, and his gf…well actually I didn’t think about that until after lol.

After taking another moment to watch him, I strolled in the room and said hello. Of course he was startled and immediately covered up with a pillow and tried to shut off the TV. I played it off and asked him about the porn and basically made him feel comfortable for us to both watch the video and him not leave the room, although he was still covered.

We talked about the hot pussy scenes and stuff, I was rock hard at this point and unzipped to haul out my dick in front of him. This made him relax enough to do the same. It was hot watching my gf’s roommate sit in front of me with his hard throbbing dick out, leaking precum. I’ve jerked with several buds, and his nice set of balls, with loose folds of skin that bounced as he jerked, along with a long shaft and pick cock head, had me on the edge.

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We were getting really horny, and could smell the scent of masculinity in the air as we took hold of our cocks and slapped them into our palms, feeling the weight of our dicks. We took our shirts off, and came in front of each other. The moment of release in front of another dude is hot and makes the initial nervousness of finding a jerk bud worth it. Once you get past that, like with this dude, its just two guys sharing a mutual feeling. You know what your bud is feeling and the intimate moment of watching his dick pulse and his cum shoot out is just amazing.

We never did it again, but it was a memorable evening… I’m sure for both of us. Thanks for reading, just wanted to share lol!

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5 years ago

My ex GF had an older brother I caught jerking off in the shower once. I was stupid back then and didn’t realise he was probably interested in bating. I was waiting to use the bathroom while he was in there and I knocked on the door. He let me in to take a piss and he just carried on in the shower talking to me while he stroked his cock. I still see him around town and I keep wondering if maybe he’s got a buddybate button 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Kyle

Hi Kyle! That sounds like an interesting experience. I hope you’ll consider writing about it and send it for us to publish on the blog!? Visit the CONTACT page.

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