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I jerked off with a guy at the gym for the first time

Submitted by Anon in Seattle

I’ve known about a jack off club in my city for a few years but I’ve never had the balls to go. I always wondered what it would be like to jack off with another guy and when I found this blog I was inspired by all the experiences and stories here.

After months of trying, I finally had my first experience jacking off with a guy for the first time. was kind of showing off my cock whenever I got the chance. In the

I’ve been showing off my cock whenever I get the chance. In the showers I’ll leave my curtain open and always pick one opposite another guy. I got a few boners pointed my way but it was always just guys pretending it wasn’t there and ignoring it. I really wanted just one guy to see my cock, get hard and then start jacking it in front of each other. I knew they were seeing my cock hard and theirs was getting hard too but they were never showing any interest in jerking it.

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Straight best mates and gym buddies Andy and Bailey get their cocks out together for a wank, stroking their uncut meat and playing with some toys too before their cum loads become too much to hold back. Andy squirts a massive mess of hot cum right in front of his horny buddy Bailey!

Right now I go to the gym a couple of times a week, going later in the evenings since my work ours changed. Over the last couple weeks I’ve been seeing another guy there who seems to get hard quite a lot. I thought he was gonna be just another one of those guys who shows off his cock and then leaves, but it turned out really good.

I had a good workout and went to the locker rooms to have a shower and he was there. I got naked and my hard cock popped up. I didn’t hide it at all. I think he was actually getting changed ready to leave but he just stood there and watched me. So I grabbed my cock and stroked it, while I was kind of pretending to look through my bag.

I looked up at him again and he had his cock out of his shorts.

All I did was give him a grin and stroke my dick again and he came over. He waved his cock in front of me and I stroked mine.

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It was pretty surprising. He looks like a total meathead a real straight muscle guy. He has a nice 6 inch cock and it was getting pretty wet with pre as his helmet leaked. Mine was too.

We just stood there stroking our cocks, bumping helmets together. We didn’t touch each other’s dicks at all other then rubbing our helmets together. It was so fucking hot though. Our juices were leaking out and making glistening strings between our dicks. I really wanted to feel his cock in my hand but I didn’t want to be the one to do it first. I thought he might grab my cock and stroke it but he didn’t.

It only lasted about five minutes but all that helmet bumping and rubbing had my cum load pumping out. I grabbed my towel and held it under our cocks as we both splashed our cum out over it. We splashed each other’s cocks with cream and there was so much of it!

We squeezed the last of our cum out of our cocks and he packed his dick away in his shorts and tapped me on the arm before walking away. We didn’t say anything at all. I don’t know his name of anything.

It was the best jack off ever. I haven’t seen him since then but I hope he’ll be back at the gym this week. I want to try to get a meet arranged out of there and maybe see about becoming regular jerk buds.

Thanks to your blog I’ve become a lot more daring and it’s led to this experience. Without knowing about this place I probably would have just spent the rest of my life wondering what it would be like to jerk it with a guy, now I know and I’m very glad it happened.



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