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I Love Big Low Hanging Balls

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Submitted by BallBoyPhil

I’ve only wanked with a couple of guys. Once when I was 18 and me and my best mate used to fap over porn together and then when I lived with another friend a few years later and we got into watching porn movies together. It was always very chilled out and relaxed and there was nothing heavy or serious about it. It was just mates watching porn and not being shy about wanking off.

I started wanking with the first guy because he was the only one of my friends who was on the internet and he used to download porn videos and we would wank off over them. I never thought there was anything strange or unusual about it. I thought most lads probably wanked with their mates and it was fun comparing and seeing each other cum. We never even thought once about wanking each other. At least I didn’t. Maybe my friend did and he never said anything but it didn’t cross my mind as a thing to try.

If he had suggested it I probably would have, just for a laugh.

My experience isn’t really about him though, it’s about my love of big low hanging balls.

I’ve always been mostly straight. I’m one of those guys who just likes a good wank with a friend (even though I don’t have any mates to wank with now) but other than that I mostly just prefer women.

When it comes to balls it’s a different story. I love looking at cocks and seeing guys wanking it and cumming but my main thing is big balls.

I know when my interest in nuts started. Me and the friend I used to wank with went camping with his mum and his step dad one summer and when I went to use the campsite showers on the first night his dad was in there.

Nothing dodgy happened but it was the first time I ever saw him naked and he had massive low hanging balls, and a really nice looking cock. I couldn’t stop staring at his nuts while he washed. We were talking for most of the time I was in there and I started to get hard but he didn’t say anything he just kept talking and washing and I kept trying to look at his big scrotum swinging heavy under his thick dick.

His skin was pink and so wrinkled. He trimmed his hair so I think he used to shave his balls too which made them look even more amazing.

I think he was probably about 35 and I suppose he would be considered good looking and well built but I was just amazed by his cock and balls and the way his big saggy nut sack was so wrinkled and his balls were so heavy and fat inside. My balls used to be tight and pink but in hot weather they would swing a little more, but his were so impressive!

After that I went in there again a couple of nights later when I knew he was taking another shower. I just wanted to see his big nuts again and think about what it would feel like to hold them and tug on them.

When he left I had a crazy wank and I shot a massive load. I was sharing a tent with my mate so we were already having loads of wanks because he bought some porn magazines with him but I needed to wank off thinking about those big nuts and what they would feel like if I was pulling on them while I wanked him off.

I still think about it now. I like seeing videos and photos of guys with big nuts and real low hangers and I’ve even got into ball stretching to see if I can get bigger low hangers. I think it works but I’m not into it consistently so I try it now and then and give up after a while. I think my nuts are just naturally getting lower with age so I probably don’t need to try.

So that’s my thing, big balls that swing. I don’t know how many guys there are like me out there but I’m guessing a few men enjoy big balls.

Happy wanking!

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Josh C
Josh C
2 years ago

Nice story man. Same here. Have had a couple jerk buds that have had big low hanging balls. I am well endowed in that area as well, shaved and swinging. It’s fun to sit next to a bud, legs spread and balls loose and resting on the couch. Best in hot weather or after a shower.

2 years ago
Reply to  Josh C

Great read, have to agree love admiring a nice package when a guy has his legs spread with everything on full display, it’s very appealing .

Josh N
Josh N
2 years ago

Great story man! I’m not blessed with large low hangers myself but I can really appreciate a large set on display. Watching them swing and bounce is mesmerizing to me.

Michael C.
Michael C.
2 years ago

I’m very much a “Balls Man”. Love to see a set of big, swinging nuts on a guy. Mine are high and tight, except when they get really warm, and they’re not huge. So, I guess I have ‘Balls envy’. lol

10 months ago

Love a bloke with big balls! I’ve a good sized pair of nads myself and love feeling another lads balls against mine when frotting together. Love it when a bloke spunks on my bollocks – getting me hard whilst writing this!

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