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I love wanking outside and shooting my loads in the woods

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Submitted by BigBone in Cornwall

I just read a post by Spunker88 about wanking outside and wanted to write in too with my own experiences. He seems to be a lot like me!

I’ve always loved wanking outside. I started years ago with a friend of mine when we stole some porn mags from his big brother and stashed them in the woods. We’d go out there a few times a week and dig them out of this hollow tree stump and wank.

I get so horny getting my cock out in the open. I don’t know what it is about it but I just love having the breeze on my helmet and balls. Sometimes I just get my cock out and stroke for a few minutes before splashing my semen out over the ground, but other times (when the weather is really nice) I get completely naked and really have a long edging session.

I’ve almost been caught a few times, usually by hikers or people walking their dogs. One time I had an alsatian come bouncing through the bushes right up to me while I was standing there with my cock in my fist! Thankfully he was a friendly dog and his owner never saw me, he just licked my knee and then fan back out again.


I do fantasize about finding another guy out there like me. I know I can’t be the only one around here who loves to wank it outside. I’d really love to find a mate to go camping with. That would be great. It would be nice to have a buddy who’s into it like I am. We’d just pack up our gear and head out into the woods, set up a tent and spend the weekend rubbing our cum out.

I have a few great places locally where I love to go, even some for the winter when it’s pretty bad out. Winter wanks can be a lot quicker than usual but I still like to get out there and stroke it.

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Are there any other readers into outdoor wanking like me? Maybe I can meet up with some other local guys in Cornwall?


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