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I played soggy muffin with some buddies in the 90’s

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Submitted by Dan

I jerked off with a few guys years ago before I got married and started a family.

My bating started in college with my roommate, in the 90’s. We never jerked each other but we had a lot of good times watching old porn tapes and seeing each other shooting.

A couple years after that I was at a party with a few guys from our college days and there was porn playing and things started to get horny. One of the guys was talking about playing “soggy biscuit” when he was in college and most of us didn’t know what it was.

We were all pretty buzzed by that point and I guess we were all calling each other out about it, daring each other. Eventually we just kinda dared each other into doing it.

If I recall correctly the game was supposed to be to cum first and the last guy to shoot had to eat the muffin but we were all bragging about how long we can last in bed so we changed the rules and it was the first guy to cum who would have to eat the muffin at the end.

No one wanted to be that guy so it turned into an edging session where we were all trying not to cum. It wasn’t a circle jerk so much as just a load of guys jerking off and trying not to be the first one. A couple of the guys were trying not to touch their cock at all and we had to start making up new rules about not letting go of your cock, everyone had to have a hand moving on their cock at all times and no one was allowed to leave the room, just in case they shot a load out of sight lol

It was all pretty stupid but it was fucking hot too. I don’t think any of us realized how much fun it would be to have to many stiff dicks being jerked all at once and we were all watching each other and making jokes and comparing dicks. One of the guys was trying to make his buddy cum first and he was talking dirty in his ear and describing his girlfriend’s pussy, describing how much he could cum and watching it dripping out of her pussy. I have to admit I was almost ready to start cumming at that moment but I think he was even closer saying it all out loud so he stopped before he made himself cum.

I can’t even remember the name of the guy who shot first, he tried to hide it and looked mortified when two of the other guys announced that they’d just seen cum splash from his dick. He’d really tried to stop his cock from splashing but a couple of squirts flew out up his abs and he couldn’t hide it, as soon as the other guys called him out he started unloading all over himself and everyone was laughing at him.

That triggered the cum loads of everyone else and we all gathered around the muffin and started covering it.

It was gross by the time we finished. One of the guys really drenched it and splashed cum out all over the table. We all shot a pretty good load but his cum shot was fucking massive and thick.

The guy who lost tried to get out of eating it but we came to an agreement that he had to at least take one bite out of it and swallow. He was gagging as soon as he touched it and tried to find one edge that didn’t have cum on it.

He was almost throwing up when he took a bite and most of us were gagging and laughing at him.

One of the other guys shocked us all by calling him and pussy and grabbing the muffin, taking a massive bite out of the wettest part of it. lol

So, that’s my story of playing soggy muffin. I still laugh about it now. I see one of those guys sometimes. We’re not proper buddies but we have a beer when he’s in town.

I’ve jerked off with other guys since then and it’s fun. I’ve got one buddy I jack off with when we get together but I still think about that game and playing it again with a bunch of guys.

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I told my wife about it once and she was so turned on by it she asked me to find a video with guys playing it. I never did find one but just the idea of it was enough to get her riding my dick and taking my load in her face, something she rarely does.

Thanks for the site. I love reading all the stories from other guys who jerk with their buddies.

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Lee Stoddard
Lee Stoddard
5 years ago

Hot story bud, thanks for sharing it, your story that is. Lol.
Had a similar event, but it was my girlfriends brother who was a real a hole.
He treated every one like dirt, even his girlfriend.
He told me once to make him a sandwich and be snappy about or he would fuck me like a dog right in front of his sister, my girlfriend.
Well we went to the kitchen, my gf knew I was furious. She asked if I wanted to take our relationship to the next level?
What, here in the kitchen with his royal as hole waiting to be fed, and no rubber.
She said no silly, but let me give you a hand in the prep work and slid her hand down my pants inside my tight whites grabbing my cocktail strokin my duck undoing my pants, ripping down my shorts getting on her knees and I almost fainted when she started suckling my hard cock.
Looking up and saying to get busy making the sandwich because mayo machine seems to be ready at any moment now.
She Crabbe a slice of bread, taking my throbbing dick out of her mouth looking up at me smiling, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I could barely whisper “CUMMING” and was wiping my spewing cum all around w my sensetive dick on the bread.
I couldn’t talk or breath.
As I stood before her, dick dripping, shaking from getting what happened, she put a little real mayo over it and looked at me liking some of my cum off her fingers, saying shall we give my a hole brother his just deserts.
Tucking everything back in place I was barely able to walk back in the living room.
Her brother grabbed the plate from my hand taking a huge bite chewed, swallowed, telling my my boy puss virginity was safe for another day.
If he only knew he downed not only the whole sandwich, but my cum load shared w my gf and myself as well.
Hope to hear some more experiences from you. Thanks Lee

3 years ago

Sounds like a very fun game, I would be very excited to play with a group like that. The thought of possibly losing and being forced to taste and see what it would be like to have that cocktail of all those different loads of cum in my mouth is intoxicating and has me hard as a rock right now.

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