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I started wanking with a mate in 90’s and never stopped

Submitted by Jeremy in London

Back in the 1990’s I was a student and working part time in a factory. I’d been wanking off with my best mate for a long time but it was mostly just watching porn and quickly stroking out some cum loads. We’d compared cocks a few times and seen each other cum a lot but never really thought about swapping dicks and making each other cum.

Then one day when I was particularly horny I just offered to wank him off. I wanted him to wank me and I thought maybe he would return the favour if I was rubbing his cock for him. It didn’t work out like that the first time. He just sat back and let me rub his cock for him. It only took about a minute and he was splashing cum out of his dick all over the place. There was so much of it I was shocked but it made me start cumming straight away and I wasn’t even touching my dick.

The feel of his cock in my hand and the way I’d made him cum so much was all it took to get me hooked on it. From then on I was looking for more guys to wank off and I started showing off my dick to other lads in the toilets at college, at work and down the pub. I was always horny and my cock was always hard. Most of the time a guy would see my dick and start getting hard straight away. Almost all of them let me wank them off and most of them wanked me too. I knew a lot of them had never touched another guy’s cock before but it almost always worked. I was always a big guy, muscled and strong, so most of the time the worst it got was someone calling me a poof and walking out. But, like I said, probably 90% of the time I got to wank them off and maybe 75% of the time they would wank me too.

I eventually got my mate into wanking me off. We carried on wanking together for years after that and I was finding new mates down the pub and at college to wank with. I soon had a group of about 7 or 8 guys into wanking each other off.

After college and after changing jobs I met my wife. I settled down but the wanking never stopped. I went to a few club nights and had some good group wanks with random guys in basements and things. I joined a few swingers clubs but most of that was about orgies and I wasn’t into cheating on my wife with other women around. Had a few nice wanks with guys at those, watching a threesome or something happening in front of us.

I have a few wank mates today and we meet up regularly. A lot of the time when my wife thinks I’m at the pub or playing cards with the boys we’re really down in Chris’ basement cinema on the couch watching porn and stroking the cum out of each other’s dicks.

I love your gym themed stories on here. I’ve had a few experiences in the gym over the last couple of years and one of my good wank mates today is a personal trainer so it really gets me hard and ready for wanking with him when I read those. Thanks for the blog!

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