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I, too, have a Charing Cross story

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Submitted by Volt

At the beginning of the year, CuriousPete posted a story about his jacking experience in the men’s room at Charing Cross station. This reminded me of an experience I had there many years ago.

Back in the mid-1970s, I was working in the City and living just south of London. I was then a fit lad in my early 20s. I often used Charing Cross to get to and from work. One evening, I was in the station waiting for my train to go home. I needed to piss so I entered a men’s room that, back then, was just off the main hall on the right if you were facing the trains with your back toward The Strand.

When I entered the room, there was a sort of hallway with a blank wall on the left which then opened up to a wider area before the three or four stalls that were located at the end. There were six to eight men standing in the wider area. My first thought was that they were queued up to use the urinals or the stalls. On the right, there were a few basins as you first entered followed by what I then saw was a long trough with four or five guys standing there pissing.

There was a fair sized space between two of the pissing guys and I concluded that the guys on the left weren’t waiting to piss. I stepped into the gap, unzipped and began pissing. After a few seconds I became aware of rhythmic motion to my left. I glanced sideways and realized that the guy immediately to my left, who was maybe five feet away, wasn’t pissing. He was stroking his fairly long cock! He had his hand around the base and still had two, maybe three inches beyond his hand. He was also looking around the room to see who was watching him and turning to give those who were standing behind us a bit of a show.

Panic washed over me in an instant and I thought to myself, “Holy shit! What have I gotten myself into?” A few realizations also hit me in short order: The guy on my right was also stroking his cock; the guys behind me in the wider area weren’t queued for the stalls they were there for the show; I really wanted to watch the guy on my left stroking his cock but didn’t want to be seen doing it; and, finally, my cock was starting to become hard.

As I stood there finishing my piss, I really wanted to turn and stare at the guys next to me who were stroking their cocks. Unfortunately, I was too afraid of revealing my interest. So I just faced the wall in front of me while trying to keep up with the action through quick side glances. As soon as I finished pissing, I wrangled my stiffening cock back into my pants, zipped up and quickly left.

As I exited the men’s room back into the main concourse, I hoped that my suit jacket was hiding the rod in my trousers. On the train ride south, I fantasized about seeing the guys who’d been next to me shooting their loads into the trough. When the train arrived at New Cross Gate, I got off and headed straight to the men’s room.

I don’t remember much about that room except that it was dark, narrow, seemingly not in very good condition and it was empty. I stepped up to one of the few urinals, pulled out my cock and started stroking. Within seconds I was fully hard and leaking precum. As I stood there stroking, I kept looking toward the door. I was both afraid and hoping that someone would walk in. Fortunately/unfortunately, no one did. Before long I blew a huge load into the urinal. It felt great! For a minute or two, I just stood there enjoying the feeling of my hard, wet cock being out in the open. Eventually, I packed it away, zipped up and walked home.

My thanks to CuriousPete for triggering this memory. I enjoyed reliving it and writing it out to share with you.

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3 months ago

That first time seeing another mans erect cock is something special isn’t it?
That was a very well written story and I would love to hear more if you would like to share.

3 months ago

Thanks, Kiwi. You’re right about the first time seeing someone else’s erect cock. I have a story about that that I will submit soon.

Nice profile pic, BTW.

3 months ago

Always been curious and love seeing other cocks at the urinals. Had some good experiences in college.

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