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I wanked with my best mate for the first time last night

Submitted by J in London

I started reading this blog last year and realized there were loads of guys out there wanking with their mates. I’d never really thought about it before but it looked like fun and I started looking around at my mates to see who might be into it.

A couple of the lads stood out and I thought they would probably be alright with watching porn and rubbing one out, by my best mate was the obvious choice. We’ve known each other for ten years so we don’t have many secrets. He’s not a shy lad either. I’ve seen his dick loads of times and he’s seen mine. We’ve even seen each other hard once before when we were camping with a few guys and had to share a tent. We didn’t wank, we just joked about having stiffies and kind of compared them before getting dressed and heading out.

Last night he came over for a beer and to bitch about his girlfriend and I did the apparently perfect trick of leaving out some porn. I know he’s into big tits and threesomes so I picked the best DVD I could find and left it on the coffee table, kind of hidden but not really.

He was rolling a ciggy on the table and found it. He took the piss out of me for a couple of minutes about buying porn instead of using tubes and I defended myself saying it was really good. A couple of minutes later I was putting it on and I was skipping to the scene I thought he would love the most.

It worked. I knew it would though because if I went to his place and the same situation happened I would be getting my cock out for a wank too.

I thought I would have to start it but he did. It was only on for a couple of minutes and he was playing with his cock in his trackies. I did the same and then he got his cock out. He was talking shit about his girlfriend and how he wasn’t getting any pussy but I think it was just an excuse to get his dick out and start stroking it.

I got my cock out and started wanking too. That’s how it went for about thirty minutes. We were just sitting there on the sofa wanking our cocks and talking shit. It was great seeing another dick being wanked right there next to me and it was a turn on knowing he was looking at my cock a few times too.

We got to the end of the scene (after rewinding a couple of times to see some DP action) and then when the two guys in the scene started cumming over the girls face we both started cumming too. I watched his cock pumping a big load out over his stomach and I was him checking my cock out when I did the same. I shot really hard and splashed cum up to my chin and he took the piss out of that too.

I knew it would be good but I thought I would be more nervous about it than I was. It was actually really easy. I was a little nervous at the start, getting our cocks out, but once they were out and we were both jerking it I forgot all about that and just enjoyed wanking with him.

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One thought on “I wanked with my best mate for the first time last night

  • April 27, 2018 at 12:10 am

    Love that story, watching a guy pump out some cum while i wank is so horny to think about!


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